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Alert: Audio Issues with Safari on iOS 15


Enghouse Vidyo would like to make our VidyoConnect for WebRTC customers aware of two audio issues that may occur when using Safari® on iOS 15. Both issues are Apple limitations and are not a result of using VidyoConnect.

The two issues are:

  • Low audio volume — Safari on iOS 15 may route audio to the earpiece rather than the speakers, thereby causing users to experience low audio volume.
  • Audio is lost in a video call after an interruption with a phone call — Due to regression on Safari with iOS 15, receiving a phone call may cause the incoming and outgoing audio on the video call to stop working.

Enghouse Vidyo is currently tracking these two issues and we will update this alert with any resolutions reported by Apple®.

Which products are affected?

  • VidyoConnect for WebRTC

What actions can I take? 

Before opening a ticket to report either of these audio issues, visit the WebKit links associated with each bug for detailed descriptions, workarounds, and other helpful information:     

  • For the issue with the low audio volume, refer to this WebKit bug.
  • For the issue with the loss of audio in a video call after a phone call interruption, refer to this WebKit bug.

Need help?

If you still need help after reviewing the WebKit links, you can contact your Vidyo Reseller or contact the Vidyo Support Team via email or phone at the locations listed in the Contact Us article.



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