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Vidyo Event Service: Release Notes


This article describes the new features, functionality, and resolved and known issues for each of the Vidyo Event Service releases. 


2021 Releases 


Vidyo Event Service: About Version 21.1.0 General Availability (GA)

What's new in this release

  • Native WebRTC moderation support
    • The Vidyo Event Service provides a messaging conduit for where messages are sent and received. For Native WebRTC endpoints, this messaging is what powers the Moderation feature.
  • Vidyo Event Service Deployment Guide


To use Vidyo Event Service version 21.1.0, you must have VidyoPortal version 21.5.1 or later.

OVA image files 

  • OVA image file for version 21.1.0: VidyoEventService-

Resolved and known issues

Since version 21.1.0 is the initial release, there are no resolved or known issues for this release.

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