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Vidyo Epic Service: Release Notes


This article describes the new features, functionality, and resolved and known issues for each of the Vidyo Epic Service releases. 


2021 Releases 


Vidyo Epic Service: About Version 21.1.0 General Availability (GA)

What's new in this release

  • SMART on FHIR Epic integration support
    • Using the Vidyo Epic Service, integrators can utilize SMART on FHIR authentication for Providers. This allows for using the Epic Launch Token as part of your Epic CAL integration.
  • Epic SaveMedia API support
    • The Epic SaveMedia API enables you to automatically save a patient's camera image directly to their Electronic Health Record.
  • Vidyo Discovery Service support
    • The Vidyo Discovery Service allows you to optionally host the available services file list (in JSON format) for directing endpoints to where infrastructure services are deployed. In this case, the Vidyo Epic Service is the service that is referenced.
  • Vidyo Epic Service Deployment Guide 


To use Vidyo Epic Service version 21.1.0, you must have VidyoPortal version 21.5.0 or later.

OVA image files 

  • OVA image file for version 21.1.0: VidyoEpicService-

Resolved and known issues

Since version 21.1.0 is the initial release, there are no resolved or known issues for this release.

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