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SOLVED: Audio Issues with WebRTC on Google Chrome™ Version 96


Latest Updates (November 18, 2021)

This issue is now resolved. Please refer to the VidyoClient API 20.x: Releases and VidyoClient for WebRTC Releases articles for more information.

Description of Issue

While using Google Chrome™ version 96, participants could not hear other participants in a call.

The following customers may have experienced this issue while using Google Chrome™ version 96:  

  • On-premises customers hosting VidyoConnect for WebRTC version 21.4.0 or older.
  • VidyoPlatform customers using their custom applications built in VidyoClient for WebRTC JavaScript Library version 21.5.0 or older.


  • To correct this issue, Enghouse Vidyo provided two new release versions: 
    • VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Native) version 21.5.0
    • VidyoClient JavaScript API Library version 21.6.0 

What Actions Can I Take? 

  • Customers hosting VidyoConnect for WebRTC, update to version 21.5.0 of VidyoConnect for WebRTC.
  • VidyoPlatform customers, update to version 21.6.0 of VidyoClient for WebRTC.
  • VidyoCloud customers, do not take any action. You have been automatically upgraded.
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