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Processor List: Vidyo On-Premises Solution User Data


Processor List: Vidyo On-Premises Solution User Data

Last updated: October 7, 2022

The following is a list of processors used or intended to be used by Vidyo™, Inc. as of the date above to process personal data of users of Vidyo’s on-premises solutions to the extent such data is made available to Vidyo by the customer of such on-premise solution:

Vidyo On-Premises Solution User Data Processor List
Subprocessor Description of Processing
Salesforce, Inc Customer Management
Zendesk, Inc Customer Support & Maintenance Ticketing Process 
Okta, Inc  Customer User Authentication  
SAP Litmos Customer Training
Markteto Customer Communication 

The table below includes dates revisions were made to the Vidyo On-Premises Solution User Data Processor List and a description of each change/revision. 


Revision History
Date of Revision Description of Revision  

1. Removed Workkramp Corporation

2. Added SAP Litmos

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