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VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Native): Product Bulletins


This article includes the Product Bulletins for the VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Native) releases.


2021 Releases


VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Native) Version 21.4.0: Limited Availability Release

Product Bulletin No. 1339


VidyoConnect™ for Native WebRTC Limited Availability (LA) Version 21.4.0

What's new in this release?

WebRTC participants now receive moderation

  • If you're a WebRTC user on a VidyoConnect call that has a moderator, you can now experience the same moderation functionality as users of the VidyoConnect desktop and mobile apps. For example, if the moderator mutes all users' mics and cameras, your devices will be muted; likewise, if the moderator disconnects all participants, you too will be disconnected.
    • We've added tooltips to help you with the new functionality. For instance, if the moderator mutes your mic, a new tooltip now indicates "Muted by moderator (click to unmute)."

Post-call URL

  • This feature enables a URL to automatically open at the end of a VidyoConnect call so call participants can complete a survey, access a company website, download from an online store, or for other purposes.
    • The URL opens in the same browser the participant used for the VidyoConnect call.
  • To use this feature, your Tenant Admin must configure it. For more information about configuration, refer to the Tenant Admin: Configuring a Post-Call URL article.

Epic CAL participants in a waiting room can listen to audio and view video

  • Healthcare customers using Epic CAL can now play music or a video to patients who are waiting for their healthcare providers to join their call. You can customize this feature so that patients in the waiting room can:
    • view a video.
    • listen to audio (with or without background image).
    • see a background image (with our without audio).
  • Providers can specify the video, audio, and background image content to play in the waiting room. They can also select different content to play in the waiting room for different calls.
  • To use this feature, your Tenant Admin must configure it on VidyoPortal version 21.4.0 or later.


  • On premises customers can download this version starting from September 28, 2021
  • Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded by October 6, 2021

What actions can I take now?

For more details about this release, refer to the VidyoConnect for WebRTC (Native and Transcoded): Releases article.  

Need help?

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Contact the Vidyo Support Team via email or phone at the locations listed in the Contact Us article.
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller at

If you need Professional Services such as branding, onboarding, implementation, API development, and/or training, reach out to us at

We hope you enjoy using this version of VidyoConnect for WebRTC!

The Enghouse Vidyo Product Team

The contents of this Product Bulletin do not in any way modify the terms of the agreement(s) under which this product is provided.

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