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Using the VidyoConnect Outlook Add-In


Using the VidyoConnect Outlook Add-In to Schedule Your Meetings

After you have installed the VidyoConnect Outlook add-in, use the following instructions to manage your meetings. For instructions on how to install the add-in, refer to the Installing VidyoConnect Add-In  for Outlook article.

To manage your Vidyo meetings in Outlook:

  1. In Outlook, click the VidyoConnect icon. The VidyoConnect Welcome page appears.

  2. Click Get started. The following page appears:
  3. In the Portal field, type your Vidyo Portal URL. If you are unsure, ask your administrator for help.
  4. Click Next. Your organizational account login page appears in your browser. If your login credentials are not prepopulated, type them in their respective fields. Org_page_login.png
  5. Click Sign in. The following popup appears, asking you to continue in Outlook.UsevidyoAddin4.png
  6. In Outlook, the following page displays with your name on it. You can choose to schedule a meeting in your room, the default, or use a one-time room. You also have the option to add an access code to the meeting.
  7. Click Next. The VidyoCloud Meeting Invitation page appears in Outlook. UsevidyoAddin7.png
  8. Now, you can proceed with scheduling your meeting.
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