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Tenant Admin: Configuring a Post-Call URL


Configuring a Post-Call URL

Tenant Admins can configure a post-call URL to redirect registered or guest participants to a webpage at the end of a call for purposes such as completing surveys, purchasing, or downloading products. The configured URL opens in the participant’s default browser.

Only HTTP and HTTPS are supported. Minimum portal version required is 20.2.0.

To configure a post-call URL

  1. Log in to the Tenant Admin Portal.
  2. On the top menu, click Settings.
  3. On the left panel, click Feature Settings.
  4. Select Enable Custom Parameters and click Save.
  5. Click Custom Parameters. The Custom Parameters page displays.


  6. Click Add Custom Parameters. The Add Custom Parameters pop-up appears.
  7. In the Add Custom Parameters pop-up, do the following: 
    • Auth Type: Select the type of user, Registered or Unregistered (Guest), that will be able to use the URL.
    • Key: Type postCallURL.
    • Value: Type the URL that opens in the user's default browser when the call ends.AddCustomParameters.png
  8. Press Save to save the settings. The URL you configured appears on the Custom Parameters list. The example below shows a post-call URL that redirects unregistered guests to the URL. PostCallURL-SampleConfiguration.png
      • NOTE: To delete the URL configuration, click the red Delete icon.




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