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SOLVED: Important Notice: Guest Users Experience Issue Joining PIN-Protected Rooms When Using VidyoConnect for Mobile (Android) Version 20.3.0


Issue Solved 

This issue was corrected on December 23, 2020 with a new release of the VidyoConnect for Mobile (Android) application (version 20.3.1). Customers will automatically be upgraded to this new version. 

Description of Issue

Guest users may experience an issue joining PIN-protected rooms when using version 20.3.0 of the VidyoConnect for Mobile (Android) application. 

The 'Joining' splash page will continue to spin and will not connect the call, and you will need to close the application.

Products That Were Impacted

  • VidyoConnect for Mobile (Android) application version 20.3.0


  • You will need an account in order to log in to the application. Then, you can log in as an authenticated user before attempting to join calls.
  • An Admin will need to remove the PIN from any impacted rooms.
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