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Using VidyoInsights


VidyoInsights is a performance monitoring system and analytics tool available for on-premises and private cloud customers to verify and track VidyoPlatform infrastructure components (VidyoPortal™ and VidyoRouter™), applications, and events.

This article provides detailed information about the benefits of the VidyoInsights performance monitoring tool as well as how to set up users so they can query data metrics from the dashboards.


VidyoInsights aggregates data from multiple components and generates visual dashboards for quick access to real-time and historical information. Admin users can easily filter, view, and export dynamic online graphic displays of license consumption and server utilization, and Call Detail Records (CDR) tables. 

Vidyo Overview Dashboard


System Dashboard


The VidyoInsights dashboards provide the following benefits:

  • Correlate and analyze disparate data — bring data together under a seamless experience to help system administrators visualize and understand statistics from infrastructure and applications

  • Know how users are connecting — optimize user experiences and workflows when you understand what type of endpoints employees are using to join video meetings

  • Spot trends for improved business planning — understand usage patterns to justify or adjust your licensing model to avoid hitting limits

  • Identify issues in real-time — proactively monitor server-level statistics and understand failure rates (future)


The VidyoInsights software is available as a Vidyo Professional Services install starting with version 21.1.0.

Please contact Enghouse Vidyo's Professional Services team to install your instance of VidyoInsights.

For the prerequisite items you need to have available before the Vidyo Professional Services team install your instance of VidyoInsights, see VidyoInsight Setup Requirements.

Log in and out

To run VidyoInsights, open a browser and type the URL.

To log in, type your username and password, and click Log In.

To log out, on the top right of the Dashboards page, click your name, and then click Logout.


This section contains the following topics:

To help you better understand usage, activity, and licensing, VidyoInsights aggregates data from the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter infrastructure components and displays it on dashboards. Admin users can also access server metrics.

Understand usage

View current usage statistics and historical data for selected timeframes*.


The usage dashboards are:

  • Current status — real-time stats on the number of active users
  • Usage summary — historical data for selected timeframes*, including number of video or voice minutes, number of unique conferences, and number of active users

* Data snapshots are captured every 10 seconds.

Understand activity

Understand your active registered users, active endpoints, and number of calls by application.



The activity dashboards are:

  • Number of Active Registered Users
  • Number of Active Endpoints
  • Number of Calls by Application
  • Maximum Concurrent Participants (Lines) — peak lines usage over time

Understand licensing

Monitor your license consumption for VidyoLines, client installs, and seats.



The licensing dashboards are:

  • Installs — client installs license usage
  • Lines — VidyoLines license usage
  • Seats — seat license usage

View server metrics

Analyze near real-time server-level metrics for VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter.


The server metrics dashboards are:

  • CPU usage — check how processing is being used on your components over time
  • Memory — monitor memory consumption of processes to determine trends
  • Network — identify network issues before they impact video performance​
  • Disk — analyze trends of disk usage and trigger alerts
  • Database — track database performance statistics to understand the impact of behaviors
  • Processes — monitor key processes to understand when they may be outside of normal operation

Select the data to view

VidyoInsights has various options that enable you to select the data to view on the dashboards.

Vidyo Platform dashboards


You can select the level of detail in minutes (1, 5, 10, 30), hours (1, 3, 6, 12) or days (1, 7, 14, 20).


On the Conference, License and Application Dashboards, you can select to view data for all tenants, specific tenants, or an individual tenant.


On the Application Dashboard, you can select to view data for all applications and/or OSs, and specific combinations.

Server Stats dashboards

Sampling.png  You can select the level of detail in seconds (10, 30), minutes (1, 2, 5, 10, 30) or 1 hour, or set it to auto.
Server.png You can select to view data for all servers, specific combinations, or an individual server.
CPU.png On the Overview and CPU Dashboards, you can select to view data for all CPUs, specific combinations, or an individual CPU.
Mountpoint_and_Disk.png On the Memory/Disk Dashboard, you can select to view data for all mountpoints and disks or specific combinations.
Network_interface.png On the Network Dashboard, you can select to view data for all network interfaces, specific combinations, or an individual network interface.
Interval.png On the MySql Dashboard, you can select the level of detail in 10 seconds, minutes (1, 5, 15), hours (1, 6), 1 day, or set it to auto.


Add_panel.png Add panel (only visible to Admin role)
Mark_as_favorite.png Mark as favorite
Share_dashboard.png Share dashboard. You can create a direct link to the dashboard or panel, take a snapshot, or export the data.
Save_dashboard.png Save dashboard (only visible to Admin role)
Dashboard_settings.png Dashboard settings (only visible to Admin role)
Cycle_view_mode.png Cycle view mode
Time_range.png Time range. You can specify an absolute time range or select a relative time range. The available relative time ranges are the last [n] minutes (5, 15, 30), hours (1, 3, 6, 12, 24), or days (2, 7). 
Refresh_rate.png Refresh dashboard. You can set this rate to off or select a refresh rate in seconds (5, 10, 30), minutes (1, 5, 15, 30), hours (1, 2) or day (1).


Configure users

VidyoInsights currently supports only locally authenticated users.

There are two user roles:

  • Viewer can only view dashboards.
  • Admin can add and manage users, permissions, and dashboards.

Create and use viewer users to monitor dashboards.

Use the Admin user only for initial setup and to create new users.

Add, edit, or delete a user

  1. On the top right of the Dashboards page, click your name, and then click User Configuration. Type your username and password, and click Log In.


  2. On the User Configuration page:
    • To add a user, click New user. On the User info tab, add the requested information. Click the Change password tab and type the user's initial password. If you want the user to change this password when they first log in, click to enable Temporary. Click the User role tab and select the role to assign this user. 
    • To edit a user, click the user's edit icon in the Action column and change the information.
    • To delete a user, click the user's delete icon in the Action column and confirm the deletion.
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