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Vidyo Datasheets


The Vidyo datasheets below include IT and user benefits for our infrastructure components and endpoints.

Visit our Vidyo Resource Library for more information about our Resource Types, Verticals, and Product Areas.  For latest release details, refer to the Infrastructure Release Notes articles and the Endpoint Release Notes articles. To contact us, click here


Datasheets for Vidyo Infrastructure Components

The first datasheet below describes all of the Vidyo infrastructure components: VidyoPortal, VidyoRouter, VidyoGateway, VidyoInsights, and VidyoReplay™, while the second datasheet below includes more details specifically for the VidyoPortal. 


Datasheets for Vidyo Endpoints  


For more VidyoConnect specification, OS, browser, and peripheral details, refer to the VidyoConnect: Technical Specifications, Operating System and Browser Requirements, and Recommended Peripherals article. 


Original/Prior Endpoints


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