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Using VidyoConnect: Epic and TytoCare Integrations


The VidyoConnect application offers many features that you can use pre-call and in-call as described in the Using VidyoConnect: About Each Feature article; however, besides these, the VidyoConnect application also offers healthcare integration features including Epic Context-Aware Linking (CAL) and TytoCare.

The following table briefly describes the integration features available with the VidyoConnect application and lists the minimum version at which the integration is available. 


Feature Description Minimum Desktop, WebRTC, and Mobile Version
Epic Integration Enables healthcare providers to access VidyoConnect meetings from within their Epic EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. 
  • Desktop: 18.2.0 and later
  • WebRTC: 20.1.0 and later
  • Mobile: 18.1.0 and later for Epic; 18.3.0 and later for Epic Registered Users 
TytoCare Integration A telehealth solution that simulates a comprehensive physical examination using a portable WiFi-enabled diagnostic device. The Tyto device allows medical professionals to examine a patient at the Point of Care (POC) and broadcast the exam data to a remote clinician.
  • Desktop: 19.1.0 and later
  • WebRTC: N/A
  • Mobile:  19.2.0 and later (only on patient side for iOS)


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