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Generating VidyoPortal Call Usage Reports


This article describes how to create VidyoPortal call usage reports (by day and hour).  The data derived will help you analyze your high-volume business call usage data such as experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Before generating your report, you will first need to export a CDR file. For more information, please refer to theses articles: Exporting CDR Files and Configuring the CDR Database for Remote Access in the Super Admin Portal. 

Only Microsoft® Windows customers can generate these call usage reports in Excel.

  • VidyoPortal Usage By Day - The spreadsheet will display a graph with the peak calling days for a particular week. Additionally, two columns will show to the left of the graph including the VidyoPortal data in a Time Stamp column and Peak Call column.   
  • VidyoPortal Usage By Hour - This spreadsheet shows VidyoPortal call usage by day and hour in the following columns: Time Stamp (day), Calls Started, Calls Ended, Average Calls, and Peak Calls. 
  • VidyoPortal CDRs - This spreadsheet contains everything you need to know about the CallID such as the Unique CallID, Conference Name, TenantName, ConferenceType, EndpointType, JoinTime, LeaveTime, etc. 

To create your call usage reports: 

  1. Download a CDR file record from VidyoPortal in Excel, and then open the file, and re-save it again in .csv format

    NOTE: Even though your exported CDR file may open in .csv format, you need to make sure to save this file again in .csv format; otherwise your report will only upload one row of data. Additionally,  if you need help exporting a CDR record (.csv file), see the Exporting CDR Files article.

  2. Then, open the attached VidyoPortal Usage.xlsm file (below).
    The Excel spreedsheet opens.  
  3. Click Load CDR File
    The Windows Explorer dialog box opens. 

  4. In the File name field, select the CDR record you saved in .csv format, and then select Open.

Important Tips:

  • If you need help exporting a CDR record (.csv file), see the Exporting CDR Files article.
  • Once you import your CDR record (.csv file), it may take a few to several minutes to generate the report, depending upon the size of the CDR file you are importing.

Your import will create three new tabs at the bottom of the Excel file from which to view a graph and specific call usage data.

  • VidyoPortal Usage By Day Excel_4.png
  • VidyoPortal Usage By Hour Excel_5.png
  • VidyoPortal CDRs Excel_6.png


If you have issues uploading the CDR file, or if the spreadsheet will not open, please verify the following:  

  • Make sure you are uploading a Vidyo CDR file.
  • Verify macros are enabled.
    • To enable macros in Excel
      1. Click the File Tab (top-left most tab in the window).
      2. Click the Excel Options button.
      3. Click Trust Center in the menu on the left.
      4. Click Trust Center Settings in the window on the right.
      5. In the new window that opens click Macro Settings in the menu on the left.
      6. Select Enable all macros.
  • NOTE: If you are unable to populate all the data and the graph, please submit a ticket at and include your CDR file. 


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  • Avatar
    James Magnus


    This is not working for me.

    It seems to import the CDR data to row 1 only.


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  • Avatar
    Jodi Sergeant

    We will troubleshoot this issue and get back to you shortly. 

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  • Avatar
    Jodi Sergeant

    Hi James,

    You first need to save the CDR file record in .csv format before importing the file. Please advise if this resolves your issue. 


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  • Avatar
    Land Jason A

    I've re-saved the CDR in .csv. format and now it appears all data is being imported, however, the is no data populating the charts/graphs. I've also enabled the macros in Excel. Excel version O365, build 1908.

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  • Avatar
    Jodi Sergeant


    Please open a ticket at and include your CDR file. Thank you. 

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