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VidyoConnect Mobile Application Version 19.5.0 (Android™ and iOS): General Availability Release No. 1268



VidyoConnect™ Mobile Application Version 19.5.0 (Android™ and iOS)

Version 19.5.0 of the VidyoConnect mobile app introduces the Voice+Content Only feature. This feature allows registered and guest users to join conferences as voice-only participants who can share and view content. You'll find this feature especially helpful when commuting, when experiencing a low battery on your device or when in a limited cell phone signal area. 

What's New? 

  • Voice+Content Only Feature (Android and iOS)
    • Registered and Guest Users – During a call, enable or disable by tapping the Voice+Content Only button in the toolbar.
    • Guest Users – Before a call, enable Voice+Content Only by tapping the toggle on the beauty screen.
    • Registered Users – Configure in Settings>Preferences:
      • “Always active” – Tap to always apply Voice+Content Only. 
      • “Active when battery saver mode is On” – Enable whenever your device is using battery saving mode.
        Note: iPads® have only two options available: "Always active" and "Active when battery is below 20%" since these devices do not have battery saving mode.
      • "Limit for cellular data” -  Enable when connecting through LTE or a cellular network (not Wi-Fi).
        Note: The "Limit for cellular data" option is not available on devices that do not have or support SIM cards. 


You can download the VidyoConnect mobile app for free on December 17, 2019

Need Help?

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Please contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller.

We hope you enjoy using this version of the VidyoConnect mobile application!

The Enghouse Vidyo Product Team

Phone   (866)-99-Vidyo (998-4396) #3 or +1-(201)-289-8597 #3

The contents of this Product Bulletin do not in any way modify the terms of the agreement(s) under which this product is provided.

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