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SOLVED: Upgrade to VidyoDesktop Version 3.6.18 Before Upgrading to MacOS Catalina



MacOS® Catalina is the successor to MacOS Mojave and is the next release of the desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. Catalina is expected to be released by October 2019 and will be the first version of MacOS to exclusively support 64-bit applications. Therefore, if you upgrade to Catalina, you may experience issues running your 32-bit applications. 

Description of Issue

If you use VidyoDesktop™, you must upgrade to VidyoDesktop version 3.6.18 before upgrading to the Catalina OS; otherwise, your system may be unable to properly notarize and run a 32-bit application. 

Products That Were Impacted

  • VidyoDesktop (Versions 3.6.17 and earlier)

Next Steps

  • If you are an on-premises customer, you can download the software packages from the  VidyoDesktop and VidyoWeb Packages article. If you are a cloud customer you will automatically get the updates. 
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