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VidyoCloud Recording Services: Releases


It’s easy to record audio and video on the cloud with VidyoCloud™ Recording Services. Customers can simply record conferences, meetings, training, lectures, and consultations in real-time with one-click on a computer or mobile device and watch and listen to any time after the conference. Read below for more information about the VidyoCloud Recording Services version 19.1.0.

VidyoCloud Recording Services are only available to VidyoConnect™ Enterprise and Healthcare Edition customers. For more information, please visit our VidyoConnect Plans and Pricing page. 


What's New in this Release

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Performance, Stability, and Security Improvements
    • Vidyo implemented enhancements to improve our network performance, reliability, and scalability, as well as our system security.
  • Resolved Issues
    • In this release, we've resolved a number of issues to improve system stability. Refer to the resolved issues in the "Resolved Issues" section below.

Notable Changes

The following list includes notable changes in VidyoCloud™ Recording version 19.1.0:

  • Audio-Only Participants
    • When an audio-only participant joins a call, their name now displays in a tile. Previously, an audio-only participant did not display a tile or name.  
  • Participant Labels 
    • Participant labels are now captured in recordings. Previously, participant labels were not preserved in recordings.
  • Recording Limit 
    • Meetings now have a hard limit of 3 hours. If the needed recorded meeting duration is higher, a new recording must be started.

Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issue in the VidyoCloud Recording Services version 19.1:

VidyoCloud Recording Services Version 19.1 - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
RPLY-649 Enghouse Vidyo made stability improvements so now recordings do not stop unexpectedly. 
XGW-454 An issue was addressed to improve sound recordings. Previously some  recordings would not contain audio.
XGW-441 Now when recording, the "join" and "exit" tones are no longer heard.


Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues in the VidyoCloud Recording Services version 19.1:

VidyoCloud Recording Services Version 19.1 - Known Issues
Key Summary
GS-4818 When using a VidyoRoom™ system, the recorder displays incorrectly as a green participant tile; however, this issue resolves when upgrading to VidyoRoom 19.2.0
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