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VidyoConnect for Desktop Version 19.1.1: General Availability Release



Vidyo is Pleased to Announce Version 19.1.1 of the VidyoConnect™ Desktop Application

VidyoConnect version 19.1.0 introduced integration support for TytoCare, a cloud-based telehealth solution that simulates a comprehensive physical examination using a portable WiFi-enabled diagnostic device. The Tyto device allows medical professionals to examine a patient at the Point of Care (POC) and broadcast the exam data to a remote clinician. When used in conjunction with the VidyoConnect desktop application, the remote clinician can virtually meet with the POC users via secure and reliable video conferencing.

In VidyoConnect version 19.1.1, we've enhanced the TytoCare integration workflow and we’ve made it easier for users to troubleshoot TytoCare issues.

Important Notice: Version 19.1.1 will be released Thursday, March 7, 2019. In order to better serve you with a predictable release schedule, you will receive advance notice of future releases rather than receiving notice on the day of the release.

What's New?

Detection of In-Progress Tyto Exams

When a remote clinician user attempts to start a new Tyto exam, the VidyoConnect application now detects if any Tyto exams are currently in progress. This avoids the scenario where the clinician is prevented from starting a new exam because a previous exam was accidentally left open (which could occur, for example, if the clinician is dropped from a direct call).

Troubleshooting with Tyto Server Error Codes

To enable you to troubleshoot more effectively, TytoCare-related error messages now include the Tyto server error codes.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a privacy issue where, in VidyoConnect meetings where the muteCameraOnJoin=true custom invocation string was set and the Waiting Room feature was enabled,  the camera was not muted even though the UI showed it as muted.
  • Fixed an issue where the active speaker’s tile occasionally switched back and forth with a non-speaking participant's tile when two or more remote participants were not muted and were producing low background noise.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect VidyoConnect version number was displayed when viewed using Mac OS.

Want More Info?

If you'd like to get additional details about this release or about TytoCare integration:

  • Refer to the VidyoConnect for Desktop: About Version 19.1.1 article for more information about this release and the known and resolved issues.
  • Refer to the Using the VidyoConnect Desktop Application with TytoCare Integration article for information about how to set up and use the TytoCare integration with your VidyoConnect desktop application.
  • Refer to the Configuring TytoCare Integration article for information about how to enable TytoCare integration in the Super Admin portal and then configure it in each Tenant Admin portal. Please note that TytoCare integration requires VidyoConnect version 19.1.0 or later as well as VidyoPortal™ version 18.4.0 or later.
  • Contact our Sales team at if your healthcare organization is interested in learning more about TytoCare integration.

What's Next?

  • If you're a VidyoConnect cloud customer, we will upgrade you to version 19.1.1 on March 7th.  To learn more about our latest features, please direct your users to the Using VidyoConnect section of the Vidyo Help Center.
  • If you're currently using VidyoDesktop, we encourage you to upgrade to VidyoConnect to access all the latest features. To learn more about the steps required, refer to the Transition from VidyoDesktop to VidyoConnect article. If you would like help transitioning to VidyoConnect, please contact your customer success manager (CSM) or email  customersuccess@vidyo. com .
  • If you're a VidyoConnect on-premises customer, you can download the software from the Client-Side Packages section of the Vidyo Help Center on March 7th.

Vidyo Roadmap Webinar Series - March 2019 

Vidyo is pleased to bring you the next quarterly webinar series to help make you aware of the latest and greatest with our products and provide you with insights into what's coming down the road. Three 45-minute webinars will take place as follows: 

You are welcome to join one or all of the webinars. Select the links above to register to join the live webinars, or we will send you links to the recordings.

Need Help?

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Please contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller.

We hope you enjoy using this version of the VidyoConnect application!

The Vidyo Product Team

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