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Vidyo Server for WebRTC Version 3.2.2 (0010)-UPDATE2 Patch: Patch Release


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Vidyo is Happy to Announce Vidyo Server for WebRTC Version 3.2.2 (0010)-UPDATE2 Patch 

This version of the Vidyo Server for WebRTC applied security updates to improve performance and resolved issues related to usability and experience. Read below for more information.

What's New?


Mobile Screens Display Correctly in Portrait Mode

When WebRTC users are in conferences with mobile users, the incoming video feed from a mobile user in portrait mode now has the correct aspect ratio and does not appear zoomed-in.

Guest Users Can Connect to Calls

You can click on room links and successfully joins calls without receiving a 401 unauthorized error.

Security Updates

Vidyo applied platform package updates to improve our network performance, reliability, and scalability, as well as our system security.

Want More Info?

If you'd like to get additional details, see theVidyo Server for WebRTC: About Version 3.2.2 (0010)-UPDATE2 Patch article on the Vidyo Help Center.

What's Next?

  • If you're a cloud customer, you don't need to take any action; Vidyo will apply the patch for you.
  • If you're an on-premises customer, download the patch from the WebRTC Server Side Packages section and apply it on top of Vidyo Server for WebRTC version FF58P-GC72P.
  • Once this patch has been installed, version number will be displayed on your System Console.

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Please contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller.

We hope you enjoy using this new version of Vidyo Server for WebRTC!

The Vidyo Product Team

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The contents of this Product Bulletin do not in any way modify the terms of the agreement(s) under which this product is provided.

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