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Using VidyoConnect Snapshot Feature for Mobile (Android and iOS)


This article has been archived. For the most current information, see the Using VidyoConnect: About Each Feature article.


This article contains the following sections:


Feature Overview

The snapshot feature allows you to capture a snapshot (i.e., still image) of a remote participant's video tile or shared content tile and store it locally on your Mobile Android or iOS device (phone/tablet).



App and Operating System Compatibility

Feature Compatible VidyoConnect
Mobile App Versions
Compatible Android
and iOS Versions
Other Compatibility Requirements 

Android 19.1.1 or later

iOS 19.1.0 or later

Android 5.0 or later 

iOS 11 or later 



Using the Snapshot Feature

This section describes how to the use the snapshot feature on an Android and iOS devices.

Android and iOS

The snapshot feature can be used on both tablets and phones and the screenshots below show  phone user interfaces. After each step below, the Android applicable screen shots will display on the left and the iOS screen shots to the right.


To use the snapshot feature on an Android or iOS device:

  1. Join a call using your VidyoConnect mobile app.


  2. Tap the Participants List button participant_list_button.png in the call controls. 

    The Participants list appears.


  3. Tap three_dots.png to the right of the name of the participant that you want to take a snapshot of. 

    A menu appears from which you can do any of the following:
    • Select Pin at any time if you want to the participant’s video tile to always show in the call, especially in a multi-party call.

      NOTE: If the participant does not currently have video enabled and is not sharing content from their device, this menu will not be shown.

    • Select Take snapshot of video  if you want to take a snapshot of the participant's video.
    • Select Take snapshot of share if you want to take a snapshot of the participant's shared content.
  4. Tap anywhere on your screen to take the snapshot or click close.png to close out of the screen and cancel the snapshot.

    andorid_tap.png ios_take_a_snapshot.png

    A preview of the snapshot appears in the middle of the screen.


    NOTE: If the remote participant's video stream or the shared content is removed (e.g., remote video is muted, content sharing is stopped, or the participant disconnects) BEFORE the snapshot is captured with the onscreen tap, an error message will appear: “Snapshot failed; unable to take snapshot. Please try again later.” If the video stream or the shared content is removed AFTER the snapshot is captured, the preview will display and save correctly.

  5. Do any of the following:

    • Tap Save to save the snapshot to your device local storage.
      • The “Snapshot is saved to your camera roll” message displays and the snapshot is saved with the following naming conventions for Android and iOS:

        Android: The photo is saved to the local storage under the DCIM/VidyoConnect-Snapshot folder as: VIDYOSNAPSHOT_NAME_YYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS, where NAME is the participant's display name and YYYYMMDD_HH_MM_SS is the user's local time using a 24-hour clock.

        iOS: The photo is saved to the camera roll with a system-generated name (e.g., IMG-2323).

        NOTE: In order to save the snapshot, you need to grant system permission to access the device media storage. Additionally, if your system cannot access the camera roll, due to a previously revoked permission, the "Snapshot failed; unable to take snapshot. Please try again later" message appears. If your device does not have enough storage space to save the snapshot, the system will allow you to navigate away in order to clear your storage and then return to try saving the snapshot again. 

      • Tap Retake to retake the snapshot.

        The preview disappears so you can take another snapshot.

      • Tap Cancel to close the preview.

        The Are you sure you want to cancel snapshot and return to the call? message then appears and you can tap No to go back to the snapshot or tap Yes to return to the call.
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