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VidyoConnect for Desktop Version 18.1.0: General Availability Release



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Vidyo is Happy to Announce VidyoConnect™ for Desktop Version 18.1.0 

We at Vidyo hope you've been enjoying VidyoConnect, the enterprise meeting solution for team collaboration that we introduced in November.  If you haven't tried it yet, we invite you to visit our VidyoConnect page to find out more about the VidyoConnect applications, the benefits of moving to our cloud services, and the plans we offer.

Whether you've been using VidyoConnect from its introduction or you're just switching over now, we're sure you'll enjoy the new features that we've added in this release. For more information, see below: 

Whiteboard Feature

  • A whiteboard is an important collaboration tool that helps meeting participants visualize concepts and ideas, and with version 18.1.0, Vidyo is happy to announce a whiteboard feature available with the VidyoConnect desktop application.
  • With a simple click of the Whiteboard  button, you can open a whiteboard, share it, and add text or draw using multiple tools and colors.

  • Meeting participants using the VidyoConnect desktop application can simply request to annotate, and the whiteboard owner gives them control.
  • You can create multiple whiteboards during your conference, and then save them to your desktop as a JPG, PNG, or PDF.

  • For more information, see the Using the VidyoConnect for Desktop Whiteboard Feature article on the Vidyo Help Center.

Localized User Interface

  • We’ve localized the VidyoConnect user interface into six additional languages. Therefore, if English is not your primary language, you can select to view the VidyoConnect UI in one of these languages instead:

    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Spanish
  • If your operating system language is set to one of these six languages, VidyoConnect automatically chooses that language for your UI; otherwise, it defaults to English. You can, however, easily change it from English to any one of these other languages from the Settings menu.

Waiting Room Feature

  • The Waiting Room feature prevents meeting participants who are using the VidyoConnect desktop application from seeing or hearing each other until the room owner joins the room.

  • As an administrator, you can enable or disable this feature from the Room Attributes page on the Tenant Admin portal. Before upgrading to version 18.1.0, we recommend that you check your settings to ensure that they are set appropriately for your Tenant. For more information, see the Configuring Room Attributes article on the Vidyo Help Center.
    • The Waiting Room feature is supported starting with version 18.1.0 of VidyoConnect for Desktop. Support for VidyoConnect for Mobile endpoints will be announced as it becomes available.

  • For more information about the Waiting Room feature, see the Using the VidyoConnect for Desktop Waiting Room Feature article on the Vidyo Help Center.

Support for Bandwidth Allocation

  • Tenant Admins are now able to control the bandwidth allocation per user group. If you’re a Tenant Admin, see the Managing Groups as the Tenant Admin article on the Vidyo Help Center for more information.

Resolved Issues

  • In this release, we’ve continued to improve the reliability and security of VidyoConnect by resolving a number of issues.

Want More Info?

If you'd like to get additional details on the new features and the known and resolved issues, see the VidyoConnect: About Version 18.1.0 article on the Vidyo Help Center.

What's Next?

  • If you're a VidyoConnect cloud customer, we will upgrade your portal for you over the next week. Please share this upgrade with your users and direct them to the Using VidyoConnect section of the Vidyo Help Center to learn more.

  • If you're currently using VidyoDesktop, we encourage you to upgrade to VidyoConnect to access all the latest features. However, if you have the VidyoDesktop application installed, this won't happen automatically. Please contact us to initiate the upgrade, and click here to learn more about what to expect.

  • If you're a VidyoConnect on-premise customer, go ahead and download the software from the Client-Side Packages section on the Vidyo Help Center.

If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Please contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller.

We hope you enjoy using this version of the VidyoConnect application!

The Vidyo Product Team

Phone   (866)-99-Vidyo (998-4396) #3 or +1-(201)-289-8597 #3

The contents of this Product Bulletin do not in any way modify the terms of the agreement(s) under which this product is provided.

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