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VidyoRoom Version 3.3.21: General Availability Release



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Vidyo is happy to announce VidyoRoom™ and VidyoPanorama™ 600 version 3.3.21 

In this release, we've continued to enhance VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama 600 by giving you more control of the audio processed through your Phoenix devices, by making a number of updates to the VidyoRemote™ 3 for Android™ and VidyoRemote 3 for iOS apps, and by adding more Remote Control APIs. In addition, we've resolved some issues for better reliability and usability.

Here are more details about the new features:

Advanced Settings for Phoenix Audio Devices
  • If you work in a hospital or another environment where the noise levels can vary greatly, but you still need to clearly hear the audio from your Phoenix audio devices, you’ll appreciate the advanced settings we’ve added to version 3.3.21.
  • The new settings enable you to more finely control the audio processed through your Phoenix devices. You can now configure automatic volume control, automatic gain control, noise cancellation, mixer, and Super Sensitive mode for all the microphones or for a single microphone.
VidyoRemote 3 Enhancements
  • We’ve simplified the UI for the VidyoRemote 3 for Android and VidyoRemote 3 for iOS apps to provide you with better control and more security.
  • Here are some of the enhancements we’ve included in this release:
    • Projection Mode is enabled by default when sharing local content.
    • Room owners or participants who have specified the moderator PIN can access the Call Moderator  and Invite Participant  tabs. These tabs do not display if you're not the room owner or if there is no moderator PIN.

    • You can unpair your device only if you know the pair code that was used to initially pair it.
    • If a settings access code has been set, you can see the settings and change them once you enter the access code.
Remote Control API Updates
  • With this release, we've added Presenter Centric Mode. When the Presenter Centric Mode request is enabled, participants do not appear automatically on the display. Instead, you can create and run a script from an external machine or use the remote control to pin the participants on the display.
  • You can now use Conference.Participant.SortedSummary to get a summary of all the participants in the conference sorted in alphabetical order.

In accordance with the Vidyo Software Maintenance Policy, Vidyo is also pleased to announce version 3.3.21 as an Anchor Release. Anchor Releases for Vidyo endpoints and servers are marked in green on the Vidyo Compatibility Matrix. To view this matrix, go to the Vidyo Compatibility Matrix article at

Want More Info?

If you'd like to get additional details on the new features and resolved issues, see the VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama 600 Release Notes Version 3.3.21 (0729).

What's Next?

Go ahead and download the software and documentation from the Vidyo Support Center.


If you need help or have questions, please feel free to do one of the following:

  • Vidyo Resellers and End Users with "Plus" coverage: Please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at
  • Vidyo End Users without "Plus" coverage: Please contact your authorized Vidyo Reseller.

We hope you enjoy using this version of VidyoRoom and VidyoPanorama 600!

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