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VidyoClient API Version 3.5.14: General Availability Release



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Vidyo Is Happy to Announce VidyoClient API Version 3.5.14

Vidyo API Customers and Partners:

VidyoClient API version 3.5.14 is now Generally Available for Mac®, Windows®, iOS, and Android™. 

What's In This Release?

Resolved Issue

This release resolved an issue that occurred when using iOS 12 or later with VidyoClient 3.x applications (including VidyoMobile for iOS version 2.4.4, which is currently on the Apple® App Store).  The application would occasionally crash when a user attempted to join a call or when a user received a cellular call when already in a video call. This issue has been resolved and you can now successfully join and receive calls when using VidyoClient 3.x applications. 


What's Next?

To access the latest software releases, simply go to the VidyoWorks API Downloads article on the Vidyo Help Center, and then click the download link for the package that you want.

Want More Info?

If you would like to get additional details for this release, see the VidyoClient API: About Version 3.5.14  article on the Vidyo Help Center. 

For more information about the resolved issue in this release, please refer to the Important Notice for Customers Using VidyoClient Version 3.x or VidyoMobile for iOS with iOS 12 or Later article.  

If you'd like more information or need additional assistance with VidyoClient version 3.5.14, please contact us at If you're interested in giving a try, you can sign up at or you can set up a call with a Vidyo API expert.

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