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Vidyo Data Processor Lists


Vidyo’s utmost priority is to keep our customers’, vendors’ and users’ personal data safe and to empower you in regards to the privacy and security of your data. To ensure your data is protected and to demonstrate transparency, we now offer you the opportunity to view and subscribe to lists of the processors used or intended to be used by Vidyo in processing personal information.

Vidyo Data Processor Lists

Each list provides the subprocessor product name and a description of the processing performed. For example, the Vidyo Cloud list displays the subprocessor, such as Google and Splunk, along with a description of the processing performed, such as hosting and business analytics.   You can view these lists at any time by visiting the web page links below.  When you subscribe to updates for a list, you will be notified by email any time there is an update to that list. 

Here are our three processor lists and what personal data is covered by each. If you would like to view and/or receive updates to any of Vidyo's processor lists, click on the link(s) below to subscribe:  

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