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About the Iron Bow vCLINiC (Powered by Vidyo)


The Iron Bow vCLINiC™, powered by Vidyo™, is a room-based video endpoint for the healthcare industry that enables clinicians to remotely monitor and assess a patient’s condition. With a solid state, fan-less design that minimizes sound disturbance, the Iron Bow vCLINiC video consultation device is specifically designed to perform in eICU environments and serve as a state-of-the-art next-generation model for patient monitoring.

It includes the same features, functionality, and superior user experience available with Vidyo’s VidyoRoom™ solutions—plus additional optional functionality such as remote monitoring and debugging capabilities using SNMP and Bomgar™ identity and access management.

Iron Bow vCLINiC supports 1080p encoding and decoding, as well as synchronous audio, video, and content sharing including support for Electronic Health Record/Electronic Medical Record (EHR/EMR) data.


The Iron Bow vCLINiC all-in-one, turnkey solution is manufactured by Iron Bow Technologies exclusively for healthcare settings:

  • With no hanging wires or cords, Iron Bow vCLINiC offers flexibility in mounting with options for integrating with medical carts, attaching to a wall or arm, or using as a standalone unit.
  • This solution is fully optimized for VidyoCloud™ but also works with on-premises systems, allowing you to easily expand current installations or upgrade without needing to replace your video infrastructure.

Installing the Iron Bow vCLINiC Hardware

For instructions on how to physically install the Iron Bow vCLINiC hardware, refer to the Iron Bow vCLINiC Installation and User Guide (CLINiC-VC-10XIR-A01), which is available from the Iron Bow Downloads page.


Configuring the Iron Bow vCLINiC Using the VidyoRoom Admin UI

Your Iron Bow vCLINiC comes with the appropriate Windows and VidyoRoom software already installed. For information about how to use the VidyoRoom Admin UI to configure and administer the vCLINiC, refer to the Configuring the Iron Bow vCLINiC article.

If at any point you need to update the VidyoRoom application version, you must use the VidyoRoom SE (Software Edition) installer. To update the software, you can either:

  • Upload the VidyoRoom SE installer using the VidyoRoom Admin UI.
  • Upload the VidyoRoom SE installer to the Portal client installer download page.

Using the Optional Remote Monitoring Services

Iron Bow vCLINiC offers optional remote monitoring and debugging services. When these services are purchased, specific utilities are built into the Iron Bow vCLINiC image, thereby enabling Vidyo and Iron Bow (a.k.a., Central Customer Support) to proactively monitor and debug your system.

The following subsections provide more information about the remote monitoring services available with Iron Bow vCLINiC.


The Bomgar utility provides a remote access agent for Windows systems. Users are provided with Helpdesk software so they can allow technicians from Central Customer Support to access their computers via URL. Central Customer Support can then use Bomgar to remote in to the managed computers and perform troubleshooting or maintenance work on devices connected to the tele-ICU solution.

Here are some common scenarios where Bomgar can be used:

  • Configuring codec information
  • Browsing to the management interface of the software or the codec
  • Pinging and/or using trace route to troubleshoot the network
  • Upgrading the firmware or software

The Central Customer Support team has full local administration rights to computers connected to Bomgar.


KiTTY is primarily used for communication troubleshooting of any devices connected to the tele-ICU solution.

Here are some common scenarios where KiTTY can be used:

  • Troubleshooting COM port communication issues with stethoscopes and thermometers
  • Connecting to the unit firewall to make modifications

The Central Customer Support team has unlimited full access to the program installed on the remote computer.

Science Logic™ EM7

Science Logic EM7 is used by Central Customer Support for monitoring and inventory control of the systems. It is an SNMP-based solution which is able to walk through systems and gather an extensive amount of information.

Here are some common items that can be monitored using Science Logic EM7:

  • Hardware Health
    • Types of processors/memory and their health
    • Communication ports and device health
    • Internal temperature of systems
    • System fans and health of other devices
  • Program Health
    • Monitoring any services that are running
    • Processor/disk space/memory utilization
    • System up/down status
  • Connectivity Health
    • Network status and utilization
    • TCP/IP information
    • Web services and ports open/listening/connected status
    • DNS names and registry information
  • Vidyo Program-Specific Health
    • Monitoring Vidyo services
    • Monitoring Vidyo resource utilization
    • Writing a Custom Power Pack for the Vidyo application to monitor and meet custom requirements
    • Monitoring Vidyo administration and user portal HTTP/HTTPS functionality
    • Monitoring Vidyo-specific TCP/UDP port connectivity and utilization
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