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VidyoConnect for Desktop: About Version 18.4.0


VidyoConnect™ is Vidyo's enterprise meeting solution for team collaboration. It offers a unified experience across desktop, WebRTC, and mobile devices. This article describes version 18.4.0 of the VidyoConnect desktop application.

What's New in This Release

Auto Answer 

  • This feature allows users and admins to configure their VidyoConnect desktop application to automatically answer incoming calls.

  • Once enabled, whenever you receive an incoming call, the VidyoConnect UI will display a message for three seconds indicating who is calling you. If you do not manually answer or decline the call within three seconds, the VidyoConnect application will automatically answer and connect you to the call.


  • For security reasons, this feature requires that you are signed in and that your desktop system is awake. Auto answer is disabled for guest users and when your system is locked or in sleep mode.

  • User selection is saved per portal and user account, allowing multiple users using the same desktop system to set different auto answer preferences.

  • You can enable auto answer in any of the following ways:
    • Device Settings - On the VidyoConnect landing page, click settings.png and open Device Settings.


      Select the Automatically answer incoming calls checkbox to enable the feature.

    • Custom Invocation - With Custom Invocation, you can customize the VidyoConnect client and invoke application features like auto answer. For more information, refer to the Using Custom Invocation article.
      • To enable the auto answer feature, set Custom Invocation with the autoAns argument. Doing so will override any previous user or Microsoft Installer (MSI) setting.
      • Prior to this release, the only way to enable auto answer was by using Custom Invocation.
    • MSI - This applies only for system administrators managing Windows install bases. To enable or disable the auto answer feature, use the AUTOANSWER install parameter value, which is saved in the registry under local machine (HKLM) and overrides the user settings.
      • If the parameter is not passed, auto answer is DISABLED, and users may change/enable the feature in their Settings.
      • If parameter is passed = 0, auto answer is DISABLED, and users may NOT change/enable the feature in their Settings.
      • If parameter is passed = 1, auto answer is ENABLED, and users may NOT change/disable the feature in their Settings.

Auto Start

  • This feature allows users and admins to configure the VidyoConnect application to automatically launch whenever their desktop system reboots.
  • User selection is saved per portal and user account, allowing multiple users using the same desktop system to set different auto start preferences.

  • You can enable auto start in any of the following ways:
    • Device Settings - On the VidyoConnect landing page, click settings.png and open Device Settings.


      Select the Launch VidyoConnect when my computer starts checkbox to enable the feature.
    • MSI - This applies only for system administrators managing Windows install bases. To enable or disable the auto start feature, use the AUTOSTART install parameter value, which is saved in the registry under local machine (HKLM) and overrides the user settings. 
      • If parameter is passed = 1, auto start is ENABLED, and users may NOT change/disable the feature in their Settings.
      • If parameter is passed = 0 or is not passed, auto start is DISABLED, and users may change/enable the feature in their Settings.
      • With the introduction of this new parameter, we are deprecating the use of the previous install parameter DISABLEAUTOSTART. This also changes the default behavior whereby a VidyoConnect application installed via MSI will now, by default, not launch at system startup.

Digital Stethoscope

  • The digital stethoscope feature is available beginning with VidyoConnect version 18.3.0 and VidyoPortal version 18.3.0.

  • The supported stethoscope is the Thinklabs One. For more information, please refer to the Using the VidyoConnect Digital Stethoscope Feature article.

Resolved Issues 

  • In VidyoConnect version 18.4.0, Vidyo discovered and resolved several issues. For more information, please see the Resolved Issues section below.


Upgrading from VidyoDesktop™ or Vidyo Neo™ 

If you’re planning to upgrade to VidyoConnect from VidyoDesktop or Vidyo Neo, we'd like to clarify a few important points that you should pass along to your users:

  • VidyoDesktop Users: If you’re currently using VidyoDesktop, your users will continue to access video conferencing with VidyoDesktop and VidyoMobile™. We encourage you to upgrade to VidyoConnect to access all the latest features. Please contact us to initiate the upgrade to VidyoConnect, and click here to learn more about what to expect.
  • Vidyo Neo (which is now VidyoConnect) Users: If you were using Vidyo Neo before the upgrade, your users will now be redirected to the new VidyoConnect for Mobile app. When joining a call from a mobile device, your users will be prompted to download the app from the Google Play™ Store or the Apple® App Store. Once the app is installed, they'll be routed to their call via the new VidyoConnect for Mobile app.

We invite you to visit our VidyoConnect page to find out more about the VidyoConnect applications, the benefits of moving to our cloud services, and the plans we offer.



Platform and Browser Compatibility for VidyoConnect for Desktop

The following table defines the compatibility between VidyoConnect version 18.4.0 and OS platforms. 


Compatible Windows®
Compatible Mac®
OS X Platforms
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

Mac OS X 10.14x

Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit

Mac OS X 10.13x


The tables above reflect Vidyo’s current test matrix. Other platforms and browsers may also work, but they are not officially supported.


Portal Compatibility for On-Premises VidyoConnect Customers

If you are an on-premises customer, refer to the Vidyo Compatibility Matrix article to determine which version of the portal your VidyoConnect release is compatible with.


Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoConnect for Desktop version 18.4.0:

VidyoConnect for Desktop Version 18.4.0 - Resolved Issues

Key Summary
Fixed an issue where VidyoConnect for Desktop running on Windows 10 machines with non-English characters in the machine name had trouble rendering video tiles for both self-view and remote participants.
NEP-11050 Fixed an issue where moderators saw VidyoGateway participants’ names in quotation marks if the moderator joined a call after dial-in participants had already joined.
NEP-11034 In certain SAML login scenarios where the user receives a valid token from the portal for X hours, the message “Waiting for the successful login from your browser” has been replaced by a loading spinner while the system validates the token.
Fixed an issue where VidyoConnect desktop endpoints could not successfully accept direct calls from VidyoRoom.
NEP-10985 Fixed an issue where the VidyoConnect application prevented the user’s computer from going into sleep mode or turning off the display.
NEP-10920 Fixed a typo in the VidyoConnect v18.3.0.5107 browser.log file so that 'participant id' is now spelled correctly
NEP-10907 Fixed an issue where the user could not see the remote participants’ video during a call.
NEP-10481 Added a new “Cancel and go back” button on the guest join page to allow guest users to go back and retrieve an access code/PIN before entering a call.
NEP-10272 Fixed an issue where SAML users were getting an "oops" message in a second browser tab after logging in.
NEP-10171 Fixed an issue where the user received the “It seems you’re offline” message in a call despite having a working internet connection.
NEP-9210 Fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to see all the participant tiles for approximately one minute during a call.


Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues in VidyoConnect for Desktop version 18.4.0:


VidyoConnect for Desktop Version 18.4.0 - Known Issues
Key Summary
NEP-11188 When using Windows 7 or 10 64-bit, clicking "Quit VidyoConnect" does not quit the application if it is the first time VidyoConnect is being used after it was installed via the Admin installer. 
NEP-11179 For Windows 10 users, the auto start setting in VidyoConnect may not be correctly reflected in your system Startup items. Please note that the application auto launch behavior follows what you have configured in the Startup settings. If disabled under Startup, VidyoConnect will not auto start even if the setting is checked in application settings.
NEP-11165  When the VidyoConnect application window size is reduced so that all video tiles cannot be seen, a user that is not on the stage cannot be pinned two or more times. 
NEP-11158  If a VidyoConnect user has two monitors and shares the second monitor, the correct monitor is shared; however, VidyoConnect does not properly display a blue frame around the second monitor to indicate that it is being shared.
NEP-11155  If a VidyoConnect user directly calls another user and then leaves the call, the called user receives a notification that the caller left the call as well as an erroneous notification that they (the callee) left the call.
NEP-11071  If a VidyoConnect user is in their own PIN-protected room and they invite another user to join that room, the invited user cannot join the room even when they accept the invitation.  

When the VidyoConnect for Desktop application is launched on a Windows laptop that is connected to an Aastra 6725ip phone, the phone lights up red to show that it is in use, the UI displays "Computer Audio in Use", and the phone icon switches to busy.

If this occurs, quit VidyoConnect to cause the phone to return back to its normal state. 

NEP-11026 The "Password Reset" button may inadvertently appear when using the VidyoConnect client on an LDAP tenant. If this button is pressed, nothing will occur since the button should not be displayed for these clients.
NEP-11021 After the loudest speaker in a call switches to different participants a few times, the VidyoConnect application may begin to incorrectly indicate who the loudest speaker is.
NEP-10909 If a room name consists of two or more words, the spaces between the words change to underscores when the VidyoConnect application is refreshed.
NEP-10846  If a meeting invitation is generated from a contact's details page, the invitation cannot be sent. 
NEP-10818 If one participant in a VidyoConnect call momentarily disconnects while another participant changes their peripheral devices, the participant who disconnected may not receive audio, video, and chat messages from the participant who switched devices, nor will they receive indication that there was a connection issue.
NEP-10798 The activity indicator is enabled on HP Webcam HD 2300 while in a call with muted audio and video and should show the camera is not in use. 
NEP-10791 Users are not able to connect their Exchange calendar when using 32-bit VidyoConnect installed using MSI on a 64-bit OS.
NEP-10789 When a user adds a room to "favorites" and then searches for this room, the room is displayed incorrectly without the white star indicator in search results.
NEP-10766 Unable to join more than two legacy endpoints to the same conference.
NEP-10765 Recording URL displayed for Admin after recording was stopped.
NEP-10748 Only 14-15 tiles are displayed in grid view in mass call.
NEP-10610 When a user with a controllable camera (camera owner) mutes or unplugs the camera while it is being remotely controlled, the user is dropped from the call with a frozen app screen.
NEP-10595 While a user is in a multi-participant call and CPU constrained, VidyoConnect resource manager now takes a few minutes longer to drop video tiles.
NEP-10546 User doesn't see invitation to the call after acknowledging the Login Banner.
NEP-10526 The shortcut for the VidyoConnect application does not appear on the desktop or in the Start menu of restricted users who were installed via the admin installer by an admin user.
If a legacy endpoint is invited and then disconnected from the Control Meeting page, the DTMF dialer continues to display in the left panel and DTMF tones continue to be sent.
NEP-10395 An admin who was invited to the meeting cannot invite other users.
NEP-10282 MSI: Uninstall does not remove VidyoConnect files.
NEP-10280 Occasionally for Lenovo T440P machines running Windows 7, the audio devices fail to work after computer resumes from sleep mode.
NEP-10258 iFrames from a different tenant are displayed if user was logged in there.
NEP-10220 User who left while network was lost is displayed in call.
NEP-10081 'Setup is loading' pop up is displayed in English.
NEP-9942 It may take several minutes to receive audio and video when joining very large conference with WebRTC.
NEP-9941  User that was muted the entire call does not appear unless pinned, appears as black tile when unpinned. 
NEP-9746 When using the whiteboard feature, if a user selects the Text tool, types some text, and then undocks their laptop, the text is not saved on the whiteboard.
In certain cases (such as when using Windows 7 or when the OS language is set to a language other than English), if a PowerPoint presentation is shared in Edit mode and then the user starts the slide show, the presentation does not switch to Slideshow mode but rather remains in Edit mode.
NEP-9636 When the network gets disconnected on a PC with a VirtualBox installed, the appropriate message “To report the problem, you can generate logs to send to technical support” is not displayed.
When using the Text tool on the whiteboard, various issues may occur. For example, the text box cannot be resized after the user types a few lines of text and the layout of the text in the text box may change when the user exits from the text box.
NEP-9313 When using the whiteboard feature, if a user selects to draw using the triangle, the cursor does not quite align properly with the triangle. 
NEP-8770 When using the whiteboard feature, if a user creates a page and gives it a title, but then uses “undo” and “redo” a number of times, the page loses its title.
NEP-8426 If a user calls another user, but then the called user leaves the conference right after clicking the Answer button, the conference remains in progress on the caller’s side, the participant counter shows 0, and the caller can’t leave the conference.

If a user clicks “Join” to join a call and then downloads the client, the user will be unable to log in as a guest if auto login is enabled and they have an expired access token.

When this occurs, the login page appears and the user can log in using their username and password.


When using VidyoConnect on Windows, using the PrintWindow function occasionally causes VidyoConnect to hang.

If this occurs, either restart Windows or find the application that is causing PrintWindow to hang and close it.
NEP-8131 Closing the VidyoConnect window doesn’t prevent a user from joining a call. Therefore, if a user clicks to join a room and then closes the VidyoConnect window, that user will actually join the call.
NEP-8107 If all the participants in the call have muted their cameras, the VidyoConnect screen is blank until someone speaks.
NEP-7936 An alias cannot be added to favorites; however, aliases do appear under the Rooms tab.

For users with muted audio who dial out to a legacy endpoint, the application is unable to send DTMF tones.


If a Windows 10 user who has the VidyoConnect app installed opens the Start menu, searches for “Apps and features”, and then enters VidyoConnect as the app that they want to uninstall, the VidyoConnect uninstaller does not launch; instead, the User Account Control dialog box displays.

If this occurs, manually launch the VidyoConnect uninstaller from the from %LOCALAPPDATA%\VidyoConnect folder.
NEP-7743 When using web proxy with basic authentication, the VidyoConnect application cannot connect to Google Calendar.
NEP-7299 If a room owner mutes all the cameras and microphones via the Control Meeting page and then goes back to the VidyoConnect interface and unmutes himself/herself, the Control Meeting page continues to show that the room owner is muted.
NEP-7250 Some default Windows apps, such as Photos, Calendar, and Groove, do not appear in the application share list.
NEP-7212 When using the Outlook Add-on, the erroneous error message “There was an error connecting to portal. Internal Server Error (500)” appears when a user tries to create a meeting using a deleted or disabled room.

Joining calls is not possible if web proxy is enabled with authentication after logging in. This still occurs even after removing the web proxy.

If this occurs, log out and then log back in. 

NEP-6836 When guest users or web browser users join a call with their cameras and microphones muted, they see audio-only tiles on the VidyoConnect in-call screen.
NEP-6706 The “Joining the call” message continues to display for three to four seconds after all the video tiles appear.
NEP-6431 When a user has more than one display and shares a PowerPoint slideshow when Presenter View is enabled, both the slideshow and Presenter View are shared.
NEP-6250 If a voice-only user who has no camera joins a call, the notification in the Participants list erroneously states "This user's camera is unavailable" rather than stating that the user has no camera.

When in Theater Mode, if all cameras are muted and then unmuted from the Control Meeting page, only one tile appears.

If this occurs, switch to Gallery View to see all the tiles or disconnect and rejoin the call.

The FECC functionality stops working if a user with a PTZ camera mutes and then unmutes their camera.


When a new meeting is created, Outlook crashes one time after each clean installation of VidyoConnect on Windows 10 32-bit with Microsoft Outlook 2016.


If a user has the room details page open at the same time the admin sets a PIN for the room, when the user clicks the Join button, they will not be asked to enter the PIN nor will they be able to join the room.

If this occurs, re-open the room details page. You will then be asked to enter the PIN.
NEP-5956 If a monitor is shared from a Mac, the other participants in the conference see the shared monitor but they also see the highlighted borders and the Share icon.

If a conference participant selects an application to share and then minimizes the application, that participant’s view will appear as if they are sharing the content, but the remote users will not see the shared content.


When using a Mac and sharing content, occasionally the “This video will resume when the remote connection improves” may appear on the tile that is displaying the shared content.

NEP-4921 If a user’s camera is being used by an application other than VidyoConnect, and then the user joins a call with VidyoConnect, that user will not see a notification that their camera is in use by another application.
NEP-4801 Due to an OS limitation, while a participant is sharing their screen, the green outline that appears around the shared content does not include the taskbar even though the other conference participants can actually see the taskbar.
NEP-4313 Due to a limitation in Outlook on a Mac, when a meeting is scheduled via VidyoConnect on a Mac, the attendees’ availability information does not appear.
NEP-4047 Echo can be heard for approximately one second after a headset is disconnected from a MacBook Pro or a MacBook.
NEP-3890 When a user loses their network connection before accepting an incoming direct call, the ringing continues until the call times out. 
NEP-3827 No notification is displayed to the caller when they initiate a direct call if they are using a portal where Scheduled Rooms have been disabled. 
NEP-3685 The incorrect CDR call completion code displays when the call is ended by the caller.
NEP-3684 Incorrect CDR entries display when an incoming call times out.
NEP-3676 Incorrect CDR entries display when an outgoing direct call is cancelled. 
NEP-3657 The “Invite this user” button only appears near a contact’s name on the Contacts list when the cursor hovers over that contact’s name. 
NEP-3648 If a call is initiated from the Missed Call notification, VidyoConnect places the call even if the person being called is offline. 
NEP-3635 If a user returns a call to a second user from the Missed Call notification at the same time the second user is calling them again, the incoming call notification still appears. 
NEP-3486 When using Windows 10, the Ctrl+Shift+T keyboard shortcut does not open the Statistics window. 
NEP-3467 If the network is slow and a user is the first participant to join a call, the user sees a “[username] has joined the conference” message instead of the “You’re the only person in the call” message.
NEP-3187 If a user has more than one display and shares the main display, the video window does not move to the non-shared display.
NEP-3112 When all UDP and TCP ports are blocked except for ports 80 and 443, logging in to the VidyoConnect application and joining calls with VidyoConnect takes between 15 and 30 seconds longer than when the UDP and TCP ports are not blocked
NEP-3077 Network changes and user/tenant information retrieved from the portal is not refreshed after login is completed. 
NEP-3015 While in a call, a user cannot set a room access code for any of their public rooms except for the room that they’re currently in. 
NEP-2823 If a user launches the HTML Control Meeting page of a public room, selects the ‘”Mute audio and allow participants to re-enable” option from the Control Meeting page, unmutes locally from VidyoConnect, and selects the “Disable video and allow participants to re-enable” option from the Control Meeting page, both the audio and video are disabled.
NEP-2665 If a user clicks the Moderate button more than one time while in the same room, that user is prompted to enter their username and password again. 
NEP-2657 When two or more users start sharing content simultaneously, none of the shared content is displayed. 
NEP-2308 If the VidyoConnect application is installed on a system that already has another Vidyo product installed, the number of installs increases by one on the Super and Admin Portal System License pages. 
NEP-2129 If a Tenant admin changes the name of a room, VidyoConnect users do not see the new room name in the UI until they log out and log back in.
NEP-1545 The list of applications available to share shows multiple thumbnails for Microsoft Office for Mac applications. 
NEP-1069 When a Sessheiser headset is connected, the Firefox browser transmits audio on both external mics (e.g., the built-in mic on the camera and the mic on the Sessheiser headset) during a call. 
NEP-347 If an update is made to a contact’s information (such as the first or last name, email address, etc.), the information doesn’t appear on the VidyoConnect user interface until the application is restarted. 


Content Sharing Known Limitation

The following table lists the lists the known OS limitation when sharing content with VidyoConnect:

Content Sharing Known Limitation
OS Limitation
Windows 10 and 8.1

Universal Window Platform (UWP) applications that are displayed in a window on the desktop cannot be shared.

Applications that render all or part of their window’s content using Microsoft DirectComposition, such as Chrome 50 and Firefox 46, cannot be shared. Instead, the user must share the entire display.



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