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VidyoEngage for Genesys: About Version


About This Release

This release package contains the Vidyo plugin along with the tested WDE (Workspace Desktop Edition) versions 8.5.125.xx, 8.5.117.xx, and 8.5.128.xx. The installation package files for the WDE plugin binaries are split into these two zip files in the WorkspaceDesktopEdition folder: 

  •, which supports WDE 8.5.125.xx and 8.5.128.xx.
  •, which supports WDE 8.5.117.xx.

This is the zip file naming convention: WorkspacePlug-in_Vidyo_<version-plugin>-<version-wde>_<release-date>.zip.

What's New in This Release

  • SIP Call From Identifier
    • The WDE Plugin now includes the “callFromIdentifier” parameter in the SIP recorder invite message.
  • Shared Application Whitelisting and Blacklisting
    • In order to limit the scope of applications that can be shared between customers and agents during a video call, WDE Administrators can now set up a whitelist and blacklist of shareable applications.
  • Vidyo Server Integration with Management Framework for Linux 
    • You can now configure Vidyo Server for Linux with an admin port. 
    • A shutdown script, which enables Vidyo Server for Linux to shut down gracefully, is now available.
    • When using Linux, you can now configure the Vidyo Server application object Annex with Start and Stop commands. 
  • Customer Web Client Sample with Genesys Widgets
    • A Click to Vidyo use case has been integrated with Genesys Widgets.
    • A Chat to Vidyo use case has been integrated with both GMS and Genesys Widgets.
  • Updated WDE Vidyo Client
    • Vidyo Client DLL version is now used with the WDE.

Deployment Package Contents

The deployment package contents include the following: 



Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoEngage for Genesys version

VidyoEngage for Genesys Version - Resolved Issues
Key Summary

In the WDE, the ability to share applications now works on Windows 8+ operating systems.


An ORS Genesys Routing issue has been resolved, thereby enabling the interaction to route to the default skill if an agent with the primary skill is not available.


In the WDE, the Video Session release button is now shown on the Vidyo toolbar for Registered Agents as well as when there are multiple escalations from Chat to Vidyo within a single chat session.


In Voice to Vidyo outbound interactions, the Vidyo button (which enables escalation to a Vidyo call) now displays even when an evaluation error occurs.


The Vidyo Server Routing Timeout now correctly cleans out the interaction after an agent invite timeout or after the interaction is revoked from the agent desktop (if it is ringing and is stopped by the interaction server).


Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues in VidyoEngage for Genesys version

VidyoEngage for Genesys Version - Known Issues
Key Summary

Window names with languages using Unicode characters can sometimes show those characters incorrectly. This will be addressed in upcoming versions.


A shared application stops being displayed in its tile after switching to a parallel chat tab.




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