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How Do I Create a Spindump File On Mac?


Spindump is a tool used to create hang report files to notify you of application hangs. For example, when the application crashes, Spindump will display a dialog box to alert you of the crash and allow you to 1.) view more details about the crash and/or 2.) send the crash details to Vidyo or Apple. Follow the steps below to create a spindump file:


To create a spindump file: 

  1. From Applications, go to Utilities and then select Activity Monitor


  2. Select VidyoConnect, then open the Settings Menu, and then select Run Spindump.

    The Spindump file will generate.


  3. Click Save to generate the spindump file. You can then view the details of the crash and then to send to Vidyo or Apple. 
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