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Important Notice: Using the Vidyo Chrome Extension With SAML


Some users may become disabled when using SAML as an authentication method in VidyoPortal in conjunction with using the Vidyo Chrome Extension.  This occurs because the extension does not support and recognize SAML authentication on the tenant. 

What to Expect 

  • If you are currently authenticated with a valid token to the portal, the plugin will still work for that period of time.
  • If you do not have a valid token, (outside of the alloted authentication period or have signed out of your SAML), the plugin will display a “bad credentials” error and the SAML workflow to login will not start.
  • After a number of failed attempts, depending upon your IDP configuration, your user will  become disabled on the tenant. 

Future Updates

  • Vidyo is working to provide a meaningful error message for SAML as a non-supported authentication type on the current extension.

Scheduling Meetings When Authentication is Set to SAML

To schedule meetings when authentication is set to SAML, refer to the How Do I Create Meetings in VidyoConnect? article. 

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