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VidyoRoom - Faulty Hard Disk Drive Error Message


Because of an issue originating from the manufacturer of the hard drive used in some VidyoRoom models, you may occasionally receive a message in your VidyoRoom log or your Windows Event log indicating that your VidyoRoom hard disk drive is faulty or at risk of failing. This message may be inaccurate; therefore, Vidyo recommends following the steps in this article to determine the veracity of the message before contacting Support.

Here are the messages you may see in either your VidyoRoom log or the Windows Event Log: 



If you see either of these messages, perform the following steps:

  1. Click here to access the file that you need to download.

  2. Download the file and image the .sio file it to a USB key.

  3. Power off the VidyoRoom system and then plug in the USB key.

  4. Boot up the VidyoRoom system from the USB key.
    You will see the following message:


  5. Enter 3 to select the Display Health Information option.

  6. If the hard drive is not faulty, the following message displays:


    This indicates that the error message displayed in your log was inaccurate. Therefore, you can ignore the message, remove the USB key, reboot your VidyoRoom system, and continue to use it as you normally would.
  7. If the hard drive is faulty, the following message displays:


    This indicates that the error message displayed in your log was accurate; therefore, you should contact Vidyo Support.
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