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VidyoConnect Desktop - How to Configure the Sony SRG-1200 DU for Remote Far End Camera Control


You can allow remote users to control your Sony® SRG-1200 DU pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Camera using the following method:

  1. Using USB Video Class (UVC) Control Over USB 3.0

This will allow you to enable the far end camera control (FECC) capability within VidyoConnect™ or VidyoRoom™.  

For more information on recommended and supported cameras for VidyoRoom, refer to the Recommended and Supported Peripherals for VidyoRoom Systems article. 

Controlling the Camera Using UVC 

With this method, you can control the camera via USB using the UVC on Microsoft® Windows. Follow the requirements below and/or follow the guidance in the Sony Technical Manual:

  • Verify your Sony SRG-1200 DU has version 2.0 firmware installed.
  • Refer to #2 "USB Control Switch" in the screenshot below and set the BOTTOM switch “2” to ON

VidyoConnect only allows camera control using UVC over USB (not using VISCA over USB). Although the below screenshot includes instructions for both methods, you can only use #2 to modify the USB Control Switch. 


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