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VidyoRoom™ HD-40A and HD-40B (End of Support)


Vidyo announces the End of Support for VidyoRoom™ HD-40A and HD-40B based on the timeline in the table below.

The End of Sale for these products was previously announced during May 2014 and May 2015 respectively. Please refer to the following End of Life article for more details VidyoRoom™ HD-50, HD-110, HD-200 and HD-220, and certain revisions of HD-40 and HD-100 (End of Life):


Product Part Number End of Sale   End of
End of Support Succeeding Product 

VidyoRoom HD 40A  DEV-RM-HD40-SA-0A May 2014  May 2019  May 2021 

HD-2 and HD-3

clinical replacement (Coming soon)

VidyoRoom HD-40B DEV-RM-HD40-B-SA-0A May 2015  May 2021  May 2023 

HD-2 and HD-3

clinical replacement (Coming soon)



For more information about Vidyo’s product lifecycle, refer to the Vidyo Product End of Life (EOL) Policy. You can also go to the Vidyo End of Life and End of Sale Notifications section to view other EOL and EOS announcements.

How This Announcement Impacts Your Deployment

Customers who currently use this product do not need to take immediate action since Vidyo will continue to support this product until the End of Support date listed above.

As always, Vidyo is happy to help you migrate to a current product at any time. As an alternative to the VidyoRoom HD-40A and HD-40B, we recommend you consider VidyoRoom HD-2 for huddle spaces or VidyoRoom HD-3 for larger conference rooms. For more information, refer to the VidyoRoom HD-2 & HD-3 data sheet. 

As another option to the HD-40A and HD-40B, we recommend moving to our clinical replacement. This is an all-in-one VidyoRoom model exclusively for healthcare settings that enables clinicians to remotely monitor and assess a patient’s condition. More information about this clinical replacement is forthcoming this Fall 2018.

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    Lance Bergeron

    We have 2 HD-40B units, one in each of our branch boardrooms, one of them just goes to a white screen after starting it (It does briefly display the VIDYO logo on startup)  I know it never had any firmware updates, are there any available?

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