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VidyoReplay: About Version 3.1.4 (05)


Important Notice

To further strengthen security within VidyoReplay™, version 3.1.4 (05) deprecates support for mounting NAS’s over SMBv1. Therefore, if you use VidyoReplay, Vidyo highly recommends that you upgrade to this version. Before upgrading, ensure that your NAS supports SMBv2.1 or later.

You must upgrade to VidyoReplay version 3.1.4 (05) from VidyoReplay version 3.1.3. Upgrades from other versions are not supported.


What's New in This Release

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Platform Updates 
    • This release applies platform updates to the VidyoReplay appliance to improve security and performance.
  • Resolved Issues 
    • This release resolved a number of issues for enhanced system stability, security and usability.  

Resolved and Known Issues

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues in VidyoReplay™ version 3.1.4 (05):

VidyoReplay Version 3.1.4 (05) - Resolved Issues
Key Summary
RPLY-916 Users can no longer bypass PIN protection on public videos. This only occurred in rare circumstances.
RPLY-914 Recordings now start when the system is in Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-mode.
RPLY-896 The authenticated downloading of recordings no longer gets rejected via the authenticated wget workflow.
RPLY-888 The application now properly discards un-sanitized input. This only occurred in certain cases.


Known Issues

There are no new known issues for this release. 

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