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VidyoConnect - Setting Privacy Permissions for Microphones and Cameras with MacOS Mojave


MacOS® Mojave is the next release of the desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. With this release, users can expect enhanced privacy and security as companies now adhere to the latest data protection regulations.  Users will now need to provide permission to allow specific applications to access their connected or built-in cameras and microphones, or to access personal data such as their mail history and messages database.

If you use macOS Mojave and you launch the VidyoConnect™ application, a pop-up window will display prompting you to select and allow applications (e.g., browsers and the VidyoConnect application) to access your camera and/or microphone.

If you initially decline to provide these permissions but then later decide that you want to set them, you will need to go to Settings to set these permissions. For information on how to do this, refer to theConfiguring Privacy Settings After Initially Declining to Set Them section below.


Setting Privacy Settings for Connected or Built-in Cameras and Microphones

 To set privacy settings for your camera and microphone:

  1. From the Mac System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, and then select the Privacy tab. 
    The Security & Privacy window displays. 


  2. Select Camera and then select the applicable application(s) that you want to access your camera.


  3. Select Microphone and then select the applicable application(s) that you want to access your microphone. 


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