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Vidyo Client Quality and Latency (On-Prem)


The Problem

  1. Client Quality Issues
  2. Audio cutting or skipping
  3. Video black tiles or no image 
  4. Network bandwidth alarms 

Our Recommendations

The most common causes of bad call quality are the following:

  • Low bandwidth
  • Network packet loss
  • High CPU utilization - it's best to ensure no power-hungry applications are running in the background
  • Windows OS power plan - should be set to High performance (or similar) to ensure best results
  • VidyoConnect/Desktop or OS device settings  (muted microphones, low speaker volume, echo cancellation not set up in VidyoDesktop, blocked firewall ports etc)
  • Usage of USB hubs - devices that are plugged in directly show best performance results

The second common cause is the Vidyo Router Location distances.

  • Far network travel distances can cause bandwidth pain points such as delay and jitter.
  • Network response time is preferred to be within 200 ms, and the response delta should be within 15 ms.
  • You'll also need to consider deploying regional routers so they can connect to the nearest router improving response times.

For more information about deploying and creating Vidyo router pools, refer to the Configure router pools section of the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Administrator Guide.

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