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VidyoEngage Tenant Admin: Testing Mobile Clients for Customers Accessing VidyoEngage


The VidyoEngage™ solution comes with pre-built browser and mobile test clients hosted on the VidyoEngage server itself. This article discusses how Tenant Admins can test the customer journey for customers that will be using a mobile device to access VidyoEngage.

The fonts, colors, and images that you see in this article may be different in your instance depending upon the customizations that you have made in your system to reflect your company’s branding.

VidyoEngage is compatible with the following mobile clients:

  • iOS
    • iPhone®
    • iPad®
  • Android™
    • Phone
    • Tablet

Accessing the Landing Page

Tenant Admins can configure a background image for the landing page from their VidyoEngage Tenant Admin Ul. For more information, see the Managing Background Images article.

Click CONTINUE to proceed to the Select Portal screen to configure the necessary settings.


Configuring Settings

To configure settings:

  1. Enter the IP address or the FQDN address of the VidyoEngage server in the Portal field.

  2. Select the appropriate tenant from the Tenant drop-down.
    If there is more than one tenant hosted on the VidyoEngage server, the drop-down displays all configured tenants.

  3. Click the NEXT button to proceed to the next screen.


Routing Interactions

To route interactions, the customer needs to do the following:

  1. Enter their name in the text box field.


  2. Click Mobile_RightArrowButton.png to move to the next window.
    A list of topics appears.

  3. Select a topic.


  4. Click Mobile_RightArrowButton.png to move to the next window.

  5. Scroll down and read the terms of service.

  6. Click the Accept button.


    A new window appears.

  7. Select the appropriate device from the Camera, Microphone, and Speakers drop-downs.

  8. Click the Next button.
    A new window appears with your current wait time.


  9. Click the streaming video while waiting for the agent’s incoming call.

Incoming Calls

When an agent picks up the call from their queue, a new page appears with a timer, and then the customer is joined into the call with the agent.

In-Call Settings

If the customer accepts the call, a two-way video call is initiated between the customer and agent.


Based on the configurations set by the Tenant Admin in their VidyoEngage Tenant Admin Ul, the following in-call settings may be enabled or disabled for the customer:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Full Screen
  • Preview
  • Content Share

For more information, see the "Configuring the Customer's Profile Behavior" section of the Managing Profile Behavior Configurations article.

Viewing and Signing DocuSign Documents

To view and sign DocuSign documents:

  1. Click the Docu URL link.
    A DocuSign window appears with a confirmation pop-up.

  2. Click the Allow button.

  3. Click the CONTINUE button.


  4. Click the START button.


  5. Click the NEXT button until all signatures are adopted.


  6. Click the FINISH button.


A notification is sent to the agent’s email informing them that you have reviewed and signed the document successfully.

Submitting Survey Responses

A survey may be provided to the customer after the call ends depending upon whether a survey is configured by the Tenant Admin via the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin Ul. For more information, see the Managing Surveys article.


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