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VidyoEngage Tenant Admin: Logging in to the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin Portal


Once you have provisioned your VidyoEngage™ tenant, you must log in to the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI as the Tenant Admin and configure the features of that tenant. Configurations made by the Tenant Admin using the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI are applied to that specific tenant in the VidyoEngage system.

To log in as the Tenant Admin:

  1. Enter the IP or FQDN address in the address bar of your desired web browser followed by a forward slash and “V2/tenant” to access the VidyoEngage system:

    http://[IP or FQDN address]/V2/tenant

  2. Log in using the new tenant username and password that the Super Admin has provided and set in the VidyoEngage Super Admin UI.
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