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Post Mortem: Service Disruption in VidyoConnect™ Telephony Services May 4, 2018



On May 4th, 2018, at approximately 4:00am UTC, customers hosted in Vidyo's US and EU infrastructure began experiencing intermittent connectivity to VidyoConnect™ Telephony Services as the result of maintenance window activity with Vidyo’s primary Service Provider. Many customers reported a partial or complete outage in accessing the VidyoConnect™ Telephony Services. Following Vidyo's remediation of the SIP provider issue, all VidyoConnect™ Telephony Services were restored.

Future Preventative Measures: 

Ultimately, our architectural and vendor choices are our responsibility and we understand that any disruption in service can have a significant impact on our customers.  In order to protect our customers and mitigate the impact on our infrastructure in the event of a similar attack, Vidyo is in the process of implementing the following  preventative measures:

  1. Tighter coordination with our provider around their planned maintenance windows, even when no impact is expected.
  2. Improve automation around the VidyoConnect™ Telephony Services health check testing procedure to reduce alert updates on to customers and initiate action with our provider for resolution.


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