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VidyoEngage for Genesys: About Version


What's New in this Release

This release package contains the Vidyo plugin along with the tested WDE versions 8.5.122.xx and 8.5.117.xx. The installation package files for the WDE plugin binaries are split into two zip files in the WorkspaceDesktopEdition folder, which are as follows: 

  •, which supports WDE 8.5.122.xx
  •, which supports WDE 8.5.117.xx

This is the zip file naming convention: WorkspacePlug-in_Vidyo_<version-plugin>-<version-wde>_<release-date>.zip.

Here's what's new in this release: 

  • Support of Web Proxy
    • Web proxy configuration for Vidyo Client is supported
    • Genesys Administrator can configure web proxy in application object of WDE
  • Test and Select Audio/Video devices
    • Agent is able to perform devices test and selection before joining vidyo session
  • Configure mute/unmute devices on join video session 
    • Camera, microphone and speakers can be muted on join video session
    • Better configurability of devices on agent join video session event
  • Auto Open Vidyo Tab on join session 
    • Vidyo Tab is automatically opened after agent click join video session
  • Localization support  
    • Localization is enable based on WDE Multi-language functionality using Languages XML files
  • Business and Event reporting 
    • Outbound Vidyo interaction is created after agent joins Vidyo session 
    • Routing is not targeting agents, while they are occupied with Vidyo sessionas
    • Parent interaction data are copied to outbound Vidyo interaction
    • Vidyo events are attached to outbound Vidyo interaction as user data with timestamps for historical reporting

Deployment Package Contents

The deployment package contents include the following: 

FILE CHANGED FROM LAST RELEASE No Yes Yes Yes Yes No change from No change from


Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issue in VidyoEngage for Genesys version


VidyoEngage for Genesys Version - Resolved Issues
Key Summary

The Invite Expert button does not function for Chat-to-Vidyo and Voice-to-Vidyo escalations once the voice or chat interaction is ended. The agent can invite an expert using the Invite Expert button only while the parent interaction is active.


WDE Plugin doesn't support web proxy. Connections via web proxy are not supported on our Vidyo Plugin.


Advisors are receiving inbound phone calls while on a video call.




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