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VidyoRoom 3.x - Google Calendar Not Updating


If you use Google Calendar integration with your VidyoRoom system, you may run into an issue where the calendar events no longer update. This issue occurs only if you set up your Google Calendar with a password that expires (which is typically done for security reasons).

When the Google Calendar password expires, the authorization code that you originally used to allow VidyoRoom access to your Google Calendar also expires (again, this occurs for security reasons). Because the VidyoRoom can no longer access Google Calendar, the calendar events stop updating.

In order to enable the calendar events to start updating again, you must reconfigure Google Calendar integration and get a new authorization code as described in the following steps.

To reconfigure Google Calendar integration:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into the Google account whose calendar you want to synchronize with the VidyoRoom system.

  2. Navigate to the VidyoRoom Admin UI using a new tab within the same browser window.

    Click the Settings tab.


  3. If needed, click the blue triangle next to the words Calendar Integration to view the Calendar Integration settings.

  4. Select the Google Calendar radio button for the Calendar Type.

  5. Enter the email address of the Google account that you want to synchronize with the VidyoRoom system in the Email Address field.

    The meetings from this calendar are the ones that will appear on your home screen.

  6. Click Get Authorization Code.

    By default, your browser will block the pop-up that you need to access.

  7. Click the red X that appears in your browser address bar.

    The “The following pop-ups were blocked on this page” pop-up displays.


  8. Select Always allow pop-ups from [IP Address] and then click the link that displays in the pop-up.

    The “VidyoRoom would like to” pop-up displays.


  9. Click Accept.

    You will be provided with an Authorization Code.


  10. Click Ctrl-A or Command-A to select all, and copy it to the clipboard.

  11. Return to the Admin UI Settings screen, and paste the code into the Authorization Code field.

  12. Select the appropriate calendar from the Calendar Resource drop-down that you want to synchronize with the VidyoRoom system.

    This is needed if the email address you entered is associated with more than one calendar resource.

    The meetings from this calendar are the ones that will appear on your VidyoRoom home screen.

  13. Select the Require User Enter Room PIN checkbox if a room PIN is included in a calendar invite and you want to force users to enter the PIN when joining that meeting.

  14. Click Apply  once.

    If you click Apply twice, the authorization code will be invalidated.

    The meetings will now display on the On Screen UI. If the meetings do not display, start this procedure again at step 6.
    You can also go to the Logs tab as described inSet the log levels and access the log files in the VidyoConnect Room and VidyoRoom Administrator Guide and view the GoogleCalendar.log which contains information about any failures.
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