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Alert: First-Time Guests on Chrome Unable to Connect via VidyoWeb


Resolution  - The issue has been resolved and the extension appears in the Google Web Store.


The VidyoWeb™ Extension and the VidyoWorks™ Client API for the VidyoWeb Browser Extension temporarily are not allowing first-time users who are using the Chrome™ browser to connect to Vidyo meetings. Therefore, if you invite someone to your meeting who has never locally installed VidyoWeb before, and they attempt to connect to the meeting using Chrome, they will see a 404 error displayed in their browser.

Guests who've installed VidyoWeb locally on their computers in the past are not impacted and will continue to be able to successfully connect to calls using Chrome.

Next Steps?

Vidyo is working with Google® to restore the VidyoWeb Extension in the Google Play Store. We will update this article as needed.

How Can I Help Myself?

  1. Download and unzip contents from here
  2. In the Chrome™ browser, go to chrome://extensions
  3. On right top corner - turn on developer mode
  4. Select the option "Load unpacked"
  5. Point it to the extracted folder from the zip file enclosed

Need Help?

If you need help or have questions, please contact the Vidyo Customer Service Team at

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