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VidyoEngage: About Version 17.3.0


VidyoEngage™ is fully equipped with an array of features, making it the perfect solution for improving customer engagement, fostering customer loyalty, increasing customer advocacy, cutting problem resolution time in half, and avoiding customer churn. With the use of full voice, webchat, email, social media, and most importantly, video, VidyoEngage creates a personal touch that keeps customers engaged.


What's In This Release

  • Interaction Management Features
    • Establish an emotional connection with your customers through face-to-face interactions. 
      • Addressing and resolving your customers’ issues just became engaging with VidyoEngage. VidyoEngage gives both agents and customers the ability to connect by webchat escalation of video, by voice escalation to video, or by clicking to video chat from any browser or mobile app.
      • With the ability to add, update, and retrieve custom notes, agents can easily keep track of every individual time-stamped interaction.
  • Routing Management Features
    • Because VidyoEngage routes interactions in the following two convenient ways, you can guarantee your customers timely and exceptional customer service:
      • Per agent to connect the customer with an available agent in the quickest manner possible.
      • Per skill (multi-queue) to connect the customer with an agent who will understand their issue the best.
    • Tenant Admins have the freedom to change agent skillset details at a moment’s notice so that the routing flow can remain up-to-date.
  • Profile-Based Behavior Features
    • Tenant Admins can easily enable or disable customer and agent in-call settings from the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI. These settings include, but are not limited to: muting the camera, microphone, and speaker upon joining a call, hiding the content share option within the in-call UI, and hiding the preview option within the in-call UI.
  • Multimedia Treatment Feature
    • While waiting for an agent to pick up their interaction, your customers can view and listen to promotional messages that the Tenant Admin maintains from the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI.
  • Recording Features
    • Agents have the option to disable or enable recording and save all interactions via the VidyoReplay™ or Verint® Recorder.
    • Dual recording is also available so that agents can use the VidyoReplay to record their daily trainings and the Verint Recorder to record audio for legal compliance.
  • Survey and Report Features
    • Understand your customers’ needs better by creating custom surveys that can be sent to them at the conclusion of each interaction. The results of the survey can be exported from the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI as a CSV file.
    • Retrieve interaction report history using RESTful APIs or an exported CSV file.
  • Email and SMS Notification Feature
    • Email and SMS notifications can be sent to the agent as calls are placed in the multi-queue per skill routing. The Tenant Admin can customize the content for these notifications at any time.
  • Data Privacy Features
    • VidyoEngage enforces security safeguards and measures to protect sensitive customer data and personally identifiable information (PII) so that you can focus on the customer’s needs without worrying about security breaches. 
      • Data privacy can be enabled for both Super Admins and Tenant Admins via the VidyoEngage Super Admin UI. When this feature is enabled, the customer’s name is not saved after the video call has ended.
  • Other Technical Features
    • Support for multiple tenant accounts 
      • Super Admins can maintain multiple tenants from the VidyoEngage Super Admin UI.
    • Support for multiple agent accounts 
      • Agent authentication is supported by using the local database or VidyoPortal™ credentials to support LDAP.
    • Support for token-based API authentication per tenant
      • For better security, VidyoEngage doesn’t store the user’s credentials; instead, it supports token-based authentication for reconnecting to the VidyoEngage Tenant Admin UI. The token expiration period is configurable by the Tenant Admin.
    • Support for JWT.IO (JSON Web Tokens)
      • Session-level tokens are supported using JWT.
    • Support for native desktop and .NET based applications via the agent’s browser and mobile platforms



The following table defines the compatibility between VidyoEngage version 17.3.0 clients, OS, browser, and mobile platforms. 


Browser Platforms for Customers Browser Platforms for Agents Mobile Platforms for Customers Mobile Platforms for Agents


  • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit


  • WebRTC
  • VidyoWeb™ for Chrome Extension


  • WebRTC
  • VidyoWeb for Chrome Extension


  • iPhone®
  • iPad®
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Mac® OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.6 -10.12.1


  • WebRTC
  • VidyoWeb Plugin


  • WebRTC
  • VidyoWeb Plugin


  • Phone
  • Tablet


  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • iOS 8.4.1 and later
Internet Explorer
  • VidyoWeb Plugin
Internet Explorer
  • VidyoWeb Plugin
  • Android 5.0 and later
  • VidyoWeb Plugin
  • VidyoWeb Plugin




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