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Using the Shorter Scheduled Room Extensions Available with Portal Version 18.1.0


With version 18.1.0 of the portal, we've reduced the number of digits used for the room extensions that appear in the text of call invitations. The new extensions can now be as short as four digits, which makes it less likely for users to make a mistake when dialing.

Here are more details about this feature that you should note:

  • Only scheduled room extensions created with version 18.1.0 or later have fewer digits. 
  • Scheduled rooms created prior to version 18.1.0 continue to have their existing extension, which are eight to twelve digits long (composed from the room extension plus the tenant prefix). These extensions cannot be changed. 
  • If you want to reduce the number of digits in the extension of an existing scheduled room, you must delete the room and then recreate it. Please note that if you choose to do this, people who were previously invited to the room may still have the old invitation with the previous extension; therefore, they will be unable to access the room via the old invitation and you must re-invite them.  
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