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Notice: Mandatory Patch for Firefox 58 on Vidyo Server for WebRTC Version 3.x


As previously described in this article, with the release of Firefox® version 58, Mozilla® deprecated an API that is used by Vidyo for our older WebRTC applications, such as the Vidyo Server for WebRTC version 3.x.

Because of this API deprecation, Vidyo Server for WebRTC users using Firefox version 58 as their browser were unable to see the video of remote participants.

To resolve this issue, Vidyo has developed a patch. To apply the patch:

  • If you're a cloud customer, you don't need to take any action; Vidyo will apply the patch for you.
  • If you have an on-premise Vidyo Server for WebRTC, download the Security_Update_WebRTC322FF58P.vidyo patch from the WebRTC Server Side Packages section and apply it on top of version 3.22 (10) of the Vidyo Server for WebRTC.

Once this patch has been installed, version number will be displayed on your System Console.

VidyoConnect™ and VidyoConnect™ for WebRTC users are NOT affected by this issue.



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