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General Endpoints - Video freezing and "power saving plan" alarm while in conference.


If you are using a Dell tablet and experiencing a "power saving plan" alarm while using Vidyo Desktop / Vidyo Web and having video freezing issues then please check the following article. 

Power saving plan is a power option on tablets/ laptop/ 2-in-1/ All-in-one, that allow you to save battery life by reducing the available CPU and memory resources. By changing to "High Performance" Power plan this allows you to use more CPU and memory resources as well as better fan speeds to reduce heating. 

  • Please navigate to control panel > power options 
  • ensure that you have "high performance" or "ultra high performance" selected and NOT "power saver."
  • If you still experiencing the power saving plan alarm and video freezing after this change then please ensure that the Intel 2D Imaging Driver is installed on your machine. 

*The package provides Intel 2D camera Driver is supported on Latitude 7275, 5175 and 5179 running the following Operating Systems: Windows 10

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