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VidyoPortal - Error message "port 443 in use" on VidyoOne 3.4.x


If you experience an error message "port 443 in use" while attempting to enable SSL on your VidyoPortal or after an upgrade, please read further.

When using an internal VidyoRouter, the VidyoProxy is automatically configured to used TCP port 443 which conflicts with SSL certificates which also use TCP port 443.

The error message "port 443 in use." 

  1. Log into the Portal Super Page
  2. In the Components tab, select the Internal VidyoRouter. (The Internal VidyoRouter will have the same IP as the VidyoPortal).
  3. Once the VidyoRouter is selected, press the "disable" button (this will disable your VidyoRouter along with the embedded VidyoProxy which will allow you to (re)enable SSL). 
  4. Navigate to Settings > Security.
    For more information on how to upload your SSL certificates, refer to Deploy your server certificate and Deploy your server CA certificates in the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Administrator Guide.
  5. Select "enable SSL." You will receive a prompt asking if you are sure that you want to enable SSL, please select "yes." 
  6. Navigate back to the components tab and select the internal VidyoRouter. Once the internal VidyoRouter is selected, enable the Vidyo Router. 
  7. Navigate to "https:// Portal FQDN" and ensure that no SSL related error messages on your Web Browser. 




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