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VidyoRoom™ HD-50, HD-110, HD-200 and HD-220, and certain revisions of HD-40 and HD-100 (End of Life)


This document lists the lifecycle status for the Vidyo products included in the following table.


VidyoRoom HD-50, HD-100 (except for Rev D), HD-110, HD-200, and HD-220 are supported only on the 3.3.x branch of the VidyoPortal™. They will not be supported on VidyoPortal versions later than 3.3.x.


Product       Part Number End of Sale End of
End of Support Succeeding Product***
(and Part Number)
HD-40 DEV-RM-HD40-SA-0A May-15-2014 N/A* N/A* HD-40C



May-22-2015 N/A* N/A*






May-18-2019 HD-40C
HD-100 DEV-RM-HD100-XX-YY**
(except Rev D)
May-18-2014 May-18-2017  May-18-2019 HD-100D
HD-110  DEV-RM-HD110-XX-YY** May-18-2014 May-18-2017 May-18-2019  HD-3
HD-200  DEV-RM-HD200-XX-YY** Aug-01-2012 Nov-01-2013 Nov-01-2013 HD-3
HD-220  DEV-RM-HD220-XX-YY**  May-18-2014 May-18-2017 May-18-2019 HD-3

* N/A indicates that the three-year End of Maintenance and the five-year End of Support periods have not yet been announced or begun. Vidyo will make a separate announcement regarding the commencement of these periods in the future.
** XX-YY refers to the part number suffix on the product label.
*** Succeeding products fulfill most of the preceding product’s functionality, though some functionality may differ. Please contact your sales person for further information. 

For more information about the differences between the HD-40B and HD-40C, refer to Vidyo Product Bulletin #1082.

For more information about Vidyo’s product lifecycle, refer to the Vidyo Product End of Life (EOL) Policy. You can also go to the Vidyo End of Life and End of Sale announcements section to view other EOL and EOS announcements.

As always, Vidyo is happy to help you migrate to a currently shipping physical or virtual platform at any time. 

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