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VidyoOne™ (End of Life)


Vidyo announces the End of Life for the following product:

Product Part Numbers End of Sale End of
End of    
Succeeding Product
(and Part Number)



Nov-3-2015 Nov-3-2018 Nov-3-2020 VidyoOne+™
(Part Number:


For more information about Vidyo’s product lifecycle, refer to the Vidyo Product End of Life (EOL) Policy. You can also go to the Vidyo End of Life and End of Sale Notifications section to view other EOL and EOS announcements.

How This Announcement Impacts Your Deployment

If your deployment includes products affected by this announcement, immediate action is not necessary: Vidyo will make software updates and technical support available per the table above.

As always, Vidyo is happy to help you migrate to a currently shipping product at any time. To learn more about VidyoOne+, please see below or contact your Vidyo sales representative.

About VidyoOne+

The VidyoOne+ package delivers enterprise-class VidyoConferencing in a single bundled solution. Designed to get you and your team collaborating rapidly, it comes with the Vidyo infrastructure and client software needed to connect people from mobile, desktop, and room systems including third party systems. Deployed as virtual machines, VidyoOne+ can be easily managed within your existing virtual environment. VidyoOne+ comes with support for up to 10 concurrent connections and can be upgraded to 20 as your needs increase. VidyoOne+ delivers the uncompromised performance and exceptional user experience that only Vidyo technology can deliver, with support for up to 4K video and content, security through encryption, built-in firewall and NAT traversal, and interoperability with H.323 and SIP.

For more information about VidyoOne+, click here.

VidyoOne and VidyoOne+ Product Comparison


  VidyoOne VidyoOne+
Bundled products


VidyoRouter™, and


VidyoPortal VE,

VidyoRouter VE 25,

VidyoGateway VE,



VidyoSlate™, and

Obsolescence protection

No (because all included servers are physical)

Yes (because all included servers are Virtual Editions)

Interoperability with H.323 and SIP video and voice-only endpoints

Optional (VidyoGateway)

Included (VidyoGateway VE)

Concurrent support for
secured VidyoConferencing
and VidyoProxy
No Yes
Video and content resolution Up to HD Up to 4K
Number of credentialed users 100 10,000


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