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Epiphan VGW2USB Frame Grabber (End of Sale and End of Life)


Vidyo announces the End of Sale and End of Life of the following product:

Product Part Number Last Time Buy End of Sale End of
End of Support
Epiphan VGA2USB Frame Grabber DEV-ACC-RM-SHARE Nov-30-2016 Dec-15-2016 Dec-15-2019 Dec-15-2021


For more information about Vidyo’s product lifecycle, refer to the Vidyo Product End of Life (EOL) Policy. You can also go to the Vidyo End of Life and End of Sale Notifications section to view other EOL and EOS announcements.

How This Announcement Impacts Your Deployment

If your deployment includes components affected by this announcement, immediate action is not necessary. Vidyo will continue to support the use of this device with VidyoRooms™ until the End of Support date listed above. As always, Vidyo is happy to help you migrate to a currently shipping product at any time.

Vidyo will continue to accept purchase orders for the Epiphan VGA2USB through the Last Time Buy date. Please note that the rules for the Last Time Buy include the following:

  • The lead time to fulfill these orders may be longer than Vidyo’s normal delivery lead time.
  • Orders will be accepted and fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis, which is subject to availability of inventory.
  • These orders are non-returnable and not able to be cancelled.
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