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SAML Authentication via Vidyo Desktop Window (Not in External Browser)


In order to accomplish using SAML Authentication via Vidyo Desktop Window (Not in External Browser), a registry or plist entry needs to be added.

On windows set registry: 



 On Mac set plist:

*Download xCode from the AppStore*

Under ~/Library/Preferences/ (click on Go – hold option key – while holding click on the new line Library, after that open the preference folder)


Open the following plist files with xCode.

In plist - com.vidyo.VidyoDesktop3.plist - the following keys should be updated 

external.AuthenticationMethod = SAML (empty for portal/LDAP)

external.SAMLAuthenticationUrl = <tenetURL enabled with SAML>



external.AuthenticationMethod = SAML

external.SAMLAuthenticationUrl =


Please remember to quit VD before and refresh plist cache after editing (in terminal run the following command - defaults read ~/Library/Preferences/com.vidyo.VidyoDesktop3.plist)




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