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Requirements to Use On-Premise VidyoRouter Solution With VidyoCloud

  • Configure on-prem VidyoRouter with IP address and FQDN via console.
    • FQDN assigned to it needs to be resolvable via DNS (inside and out using split DNS).
    • If setting up in DMZ, will need external IP address available as well.


  • Ensure which users will need to connect to the VidyoRouter (internal users, external, VidyoRoom systems, guests?).
    • Confirm WAN/LAN IPs from locations that users will be connecting from.



  • SSL certificate to cover the FQDN of the on-prem VidyoRouter
    • Will provide CA cert of on-prem VidyoRouter so that we can add this to our list of trusted certificates.


  • Remote access needed to VidyoRouter for maintenance work such as upgrades.
    • Web access over TCP 8443 (https) after certificate has been applied.
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